Goji Berries, one of the proprietary ingredients in the Fuxion Vita Xtra T+, have shown to contain many different potential benefits for our health. What if there was a way to easily drink these amazing nutrients from God? Read through the health benefits then let's talk!

Goji Berries Health Benefits

The health benefits of the Goji Berry are substantial such as; improved eyesight, lowered cholesterol, and a strengthened immune system. The Goji Berry can also improve liver, cardiovascular, brain, and overall skin health. At a minimum, Goji Berry research has suggested that subjects experience a greater well being overall.

Free Radicals (the root of disease)
Antioxidants are the healthy chemicals that eliminate the corrosive damage free radicals inflict on our bodies. Free radicals, if left to their own devices, can damage our tissues, cells, cell membranes, and DNA over time, resulting in the development of a myriad of diseases. The antioxidants in Goji Berries lend themselves to this solution.

There are many different levels that this corrosion occurs at in our bodies. From our eyes to our brain, free radicals are always on the prowl to cause havoc. For example, the antioxidants protect our eyes from the free radicals that can cause loss of eyesight, cataract development, or any other eye-related disorders.

All organs are affected by free radicals. Free radicals can attack neurons or brain cells which can lead to neuro-degenerative diseases. Goji Berry extracts have shown significant neuro-protective qualities.

One more interesting health benefit of the Goji Berry is that it actually has exact antioxidants that specifically protect the heart from free radical damage.

Point being, the more antioxidants we can get in our bodies, the better off all organs are.

Cholesterol Levels
As we are all aware of by now, cholesterol is one of the major contributing factors of heart diseases. Cholesterol forms plaque-plaque blocks arteries-blocked arteries cause heart attacks. There areGoji Berry Vita xtra T two types of cholesterol; one is HDL or high-density lipid cholesterol, which is good cholesterol, and the other is LDL or low-density lipid cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol.

HDLs clean up LDLs, but if your LDL is too high, in comparison to your HDL, problems start. Research has shown that the intake of Goji Berries may reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

Healthy Skin Too?

Ultraviolet radiation is really doing a number on our skin. That is not changing any time soon as the ozone layer continues to vanish. The exposure of the skin to UV radiation can result in skin damage, including certain forms of cancer.

Goji Berries can help reduce this risk as studies have shown that Goji Berries can significantly reduce skin inflammation and immune suppression. Again, the antioxidants are doing their work!

The health benefits of the Goji Berry include general well-being and a healthy body. We have known this for a long time now and it is in our best interest to start getting a pure supply of them in to our cells!

We have found a strong mixture of nutrients, including the Goji Berry, in Vita Xtra T+, a 100% plant based beverage. Easy to consume and has the quality (and price), that serious health conscience people look for.

The Balance You Need

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