One of the greatest things about a Network Marketing business is the fact that we can have an international business immediately! This article will give you an overview on how to grow an international Network Marketing business, so pay close attention if you want to tap into residual income. Especially that income that is created in other countries.

I have my Fuxion teams all over the world; Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Nigeria, El Salvador, Ghana, Mexico, and the United States! How did I do that? Work! But before work needs to be strategic thinking.

Strategies to Grow International in Network Marketing:

-Grow your network! How do you meet people in today's world? Simple, Social Media. Start building your profiles online and, slowly but surely you will develop relationships with people that are outside of the country.

-Build where your company is! Don't start the long process of trying to open new countries when you can focus on the countries your company is currently in already.

-Build where your company isn't! IF you find someone that is interested in aligning with your goals of growing internationally and has rock solid abilities, then take the next step of interviewing the person.

-Interview your POTENTIAL business partners! For both scenarios above you need to “interview” these prospects before you go any further. You do not want to waste time developing all the thinking and effort that goes into growing an international Network Marketing business, with someone that has no business taking on the task.

Fuxion Countries

Building an international business can be VERY rewarding, especially when you can affect other cultures and people in significant ways. BUT, you have to do it right way. That starts with the person you are partnering up with to grow your Network Marketing dynasty!

Personally, I know both sides of the equation. I have wasted time and money in endeavors with those that weren't fit for the job. On the other hand, I have met some of the coolest, most motivated, and essential leaders, that I could have ever worked with.

Point being, you never know if you don't try.

The Balance You Need