What beverages, and how much of those beverages, do Americans drink on average, per year. Remember, we aren't talking about the healthiest beverages in the world, but rather, all those different drinks that we grew up ingesting…which compromised all of our health.

For a few decades now, we, as an American society, have become more accustomed to watching what we are putting in our mouths, in terms of food. But rarely, do we think about what we drink. Over the last few years, we are starting to look at those beverages we are drinking and using similar scrutiny as to which liquids are good for our health, and which aren't.

Let's start with a baseline;

Soft Drinks: 44.7 gallons per year (per American)

Bottled Water (not as safe as we think): 28.3 gallons

Beer (not as bad as we think): 20.8 gallons

Milk (need I say more?): 20.4 gallons

Coffee: 18.5 gallons

Fruit Beverages (sugar laden): 11.5 gallons

Tea: 10.3 gallons

Sports Beverages (sugary nonsense): 4 gallons

Wine (2 per day keeps the doctors away): 2.3 gallons

Energy Drinks (slow killer): 1.2 gallons

If we look at this list, what are the healthiest beverages we normally consume? Ok…bottled water would be a good first call, but do we realize the amount of dangers that can be locked up in this “healthy drink” (best to drink Ionized Water)?

Alcohol? Yes, if we limit ourselves to 2 drinks or beers, per day…but like many of us, I was never able to do that successfully.

Really, the only other beverage on this list, that I would consider halfway healthy, is tea, and that completely depends upon the raw ingredients used (you pay for what you get).

Where does that put us? In reality; a slow road to premature death!

“Oh, he is overreacting!”. Am I? Do you realize the amount of obesity, that exists, because of Soft Drinks like Coca-Cola, and the like? Do you realize the level of Diabetes, across America, due to the same drinks? On and on we could go and take 90% of these beverages, down the same path that Soda Pop does!

Here is the proposition…what if you took, 100% of that Soda Drinks (or another unhealthy drink) consumption, and moved it to the healthiest beverages in the world? AND, were able to save money, at the same time? Would it be worth your time to learn more about this?

From December of 2015, to present, I have lost 60 pounds due to switching to beverages that are completely plant based (and I mean 100%). Not only weight loss but; decreased anxiety, increased circulation, increased mental stamina, and on and on it has went!

Take a few minutes and watch the following video to understand why the beverages that, many consider, to be the healthiest in the market, not only can help optimize one's health, but also pay dividends across many different layers of society…


Healthiest Beverages

Personally, I would love to see as many people as possible, experience the benefits of these unequivocal healthiest drinks in our U.S. market and switch from the above health damaging drinks, to products that will seriously promote the opposite…

One of the greatest traits of these plant based beverages is that, these are not added amounts to your budget, but rather replacing beverages you currently drink, with much better versions and quality, usually at a lesser cost. We have seen a 25-50% reduction in money spent, per family, on beverages when switching to these products.

If you would like to learn more about these health promoting beverages, simply visit the Company's website, click on “Products”, and select whichever ones float your boat!

PS-If you are wondering about taste, I can tell you that ALL of these products will taste better to your body, than anything you have put in before (unless you are an avid beer drinker)! They taste fantastic immediately, but as your body grows more and more acquainted with the nutrients that are packed in these drinks, you will find that, not only does your taste buds want the taste, but the rest of the body as well!

To your health!

The Balance You Need

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