Network Marketing SuccessThe Direct Sellers Association (DSA) reports that there are over 20 million people in the U.S involved in Network Marketing and some estimates say over 70 million worldwide. So how does Network Marketing work and why are all these people involved?

They are involved with Network Marketing because they finally realized that the old way of doing things is not getting anyone, anywhere. The only benefactors of this system where we are all sheep, are those 3% that own 90%+ of the wealth.

Network Marketing is about giving the 97%, the power to create their own futures by introducing high quality products to their network. But how does Network Marketing separate itself from plain old sales jobs?

The difference is in the word “Leverage”. Leverage is the ability to create income based on other people's efforts.

In Network Marketing, we not only are paid on the sale of products we are responsible for, but we also create income from the sales of products from our business partners, and their business partners, and so on. This is leverage and the power behind exponential income growth.

The final piece of Network Marketing is residual income. Not only can we create leveraged income, but we also have the golden gem of making money…residual income!

Residual income is based on the sales of products that occur daily within your organization to already existing customers!

IF you have great products in your company, then you should have no issues growing a residual income. If the products give people value, they will continue using the products for the foreseeable future. This is the mathematical base of the king of cash flow…residual income.

One customer at a time. One business partner at a time. Do this consistently for a period of a few years and watch how Network Marketing works!

The Balance You Need