PLANT BASED EATING, are you kidding me? Listen, I am a native Minnesotan, and do you know how Minnesotan's eat? Not very well! Soooo, as time went on and the body broke down I realized something. I needed to get my body addicted to plants, pure and simple. The alternative was to be buried in a piano case if I kept eating and drinking the way I was. Weird thing was, it all started by rethinking what I was drinking…

First step was to somehow get my body yearning for vegetables (plants). But how in the hell was I going to do that when all I craved was sugar and meat and literally hated eating the majority of plants?

Timing is Addicted To Plantseverything and I ran into a way to drink plants.  I mean pure plants that actually tasted good.

Hence, I began the first time that I had a constant stream of powerful nutrition going into my body on a daily basis in over 43 years. In my opinion, this was the catalyst in rocketing my overall health and, massively improving what my body runs on and how I FEEL.

This movement of my body being addicted to mainly meat and carbohydrates, to mainly plants, has taken about 2 years. Yes, a few years, but it actually happened!

Slowly but surely, especially after starting to drink plants, my body lessened its addiction to meat and sugar. Put a significant dent in my cravings for sugar and carbs!

As I go on about in the video below, my wife really has helped in this process as she has, one meal at a time, changed the way we are eating. Meat is eaten only on “Meat Mondays” and the rest of the week is about absolutely delicious vegan sourced meals.

Believe me, I would have rolled my eyes at eating a Refried Black Beans Mexican Pizza, but tellin' ya, it is tasty!

I think there is a road we need to pick as we age; live a long and abundant life or die a slow and miserable death. The main instigator is what we put in our bodies.

AND Science is finding more and more evidence that our gene structure is only a small part of the health journey and points directly at nutrition as the main factor. Point is…our health is our choice!

Ultimately, this is about FEELING better now. It is about living a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual health abundance. That abundance all starts with what our physical body carries as, how we feel tends to direct our thinking and ultimately spiritual health. Remember Eckhart Tolle that most people are not awake yet.

Quick Glance To Get Your Body Addicted To Plants

#1 Rethink your drink

#2 Meat Mondays

#3 Increase the heck out of all plant based eating

To Your Health!

The Balance You Need

photo credit: Theo Crazzolara Raising Hyacinth via photopin (license)