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How To BE Peaceful

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How to be peaceful? Key to happiness? Some people say that it doesn't exist, but based on my experience, the truth is that it is available for everyone. For those of you that have been labeled as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder “OCD”, this may be particularly helpful for you.

Mind blown (good thing) as I can't believe I am even writing these words. I NEVER would have thought that, at some point in my life, I stopped THINKING so much. Before this miraculous turn of events, my life was all about thinking 100% of the time. My brain ran the show continuously as a background movie driving my actions wherever my thoughts told me to go.

Before the age of 9, my years as a kid seemed to be very happy and carefree, but something happened right at the 9 year old mark.  As life would have it, I was sexually abused by a “friend of the family”, and because of the circumstances of how they were able to manipulate the situation, I could not tell my parents (at 9 I felt like I couldn't, so I didn't). That trauma became the force that propelled my life into a state of chaos for decades to come. I was never able to healthfully process through the events that had happened and kept the secret inside for many years which only worsened the state I found myself in.

I was only able to hang on to some sort of childhood sanity for a few years as 3 years later, at the age of 12, I had my first drink (+7 more beers of course). This was the beginning of the end of that life as I spun out of control with alcohol and drugs for the next 14 years. At 28 years old, after 4 years of coming in and going out of A.A., I finally sobered up (5/15/00). It is actually 18 years of sobriety tomorrow…little serendipity action…nice:)

Fast forward until now and for the last 18 years, I have been doing what I didn't want to do; THINKING! Remember, I took the thing that helped me NOT think, back out of the equation…so back to square one! Family, workaholism, workoutaholism, and various other ways to avoid the present moment, has been how I have “lived”.

Over the years, and again I am grateful for all that has been put in my life, I have experienced levels of joy that I never had experienced before. But, there was still a “block” that I knew existed. I was stuck and was “trying” to learn how to be peaceful…again, with my mind.

Stuck or crux of the issue? Reverse backwards again to the minute those moments started to happen as a kid…this is where the “stuckness” started. For the next 37 years, I maintained a feedback loop that would run all aspects of my life until I was finally beaten down enough that I refused to continue to live the way I was. Point blank…I was done.

How To BE Peaceful

Above is a very small snapshot of my story and someday I would like to publish more of it as I believe it could help many. But for now, I want to share with you how my life has transformed from a chaotic mind to peaceful state of being that started the blossom of a peaceful life. I want YOU to BELIEVE that you can achieve peacefulness in body and mind and soul.

Same as 97% of the population, my monkey mind had been creating my life scenes and scenarios for over 4 decades…so if anyone THINKS they don't have the patience, push that bullshit to the side as it is all made up anyways.

Let me further say this; you do NOT have to get hit across the head with a 2 x 4, 1,872 times, to get to a point in your life where you are ready to WAKE UP. Regardless of how you came to be reading this, if something inside of you is listening to this message, then it may be time to explore this further.

On the other hand, if this is a bunch of nonsense to you, all good as you are just not ready to hear it yet…but you will be at some point in your life, so bookmark the page!

Here is the main struggle; the attachment to the mind and ego, and what they come up with. My life existed in my head and only in my head. My mind had defined, so well (I thought), how my life was and is going to be, that I closed down to anything outside of those thoughts. Notice the verbs “how my life WAS and is GOING to be”. One in the past and one in the future…no room for the present.

When a human being operates like this, especially for an extended period of time, his or her ability to TRULY enjoy life is dramatically diminished. Good news…this can be the catalyst into a more awakened state.

Sounds all cool and groovy right? But how does someone get unattached from that mental state, especially coming from the opposite end of the spectrum like I did?

For me, it all started with The Crucible Project which jimmied open a can of worms! Months later, after being unable to deal with all the life experiences that were coming to the surface, in walked Eckhart Toole and gave me enough understanding on how to actually do the impossible, detach from thinking my life and instead, LIVING LIFE.

In fact, it has been quite simple to do. Just maintain a present sense as much as you can. And, as time goes on, the state of being awakened becomes more and more of a solid fixture in who and how you are.

Through a series of people and experiences that have been brought into my life, I have been given guidance on how to be more peaceful. This is not to say that all my days are perfect, but I can honestly say that I live in the present moment, most of the time. My levels of anxiety and depression are almost non-existent. In fact, they are specks on the wall and lessen everyday. Even things like my blood results and other health indicators have become healthy. All aspects of my life have improved because I am not running on old thinking patterns.

My hope for you is that you take a step down this path. Maybe start with Mr. Tolle, maybe start somewhere else, or maybe the first place to start is to notice that you are breathing. Really notice it…

The Balance You Need


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