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So you are finally ready to build a home business, but how does one accomplish this? The following paragraphs will give you some pertinent aspects of building a successful home business.

The Duplicatable System

In order to build a walk away income in our industry it is imperative to use a system that duplicates many levels deep and have a home business set of strategies. As with any profession there are certain skills that you must learn to be good at what you do. Having those skills available to you through practice so that they become natural and effortless allows you to be present and creative in your relationship with people.  In other words the system allows you to be creative rather than robbing you of creativity. It is important to understand this.

Here are some key points for duplication and building your home business that you will always want to be checking yourself on:

  1. Always be able to say to you new member when he wants to know what to do in any situation “Just like I did it with you.”  If you can’t say that your system won’t duplicate. If you waited 2 weeks to do the 10-steps after Showing the Plan, you new member will probably take a month to do it with his new member. In dropping a week, 2 weeks, or a month in getting going the new member loses enthusiasm, and will not receive a check for a fast start bonus quickly.

Remember the most important thing for a new member is to receive a check within his first 3 weeks. Just that simple result increases his belief enormously.

  1. Make sure your new business partners are successful immediately. That means that you have coached them on the “invitation”, you have gone over their contact list with them, and that they call you immediately after making their first invitation for any coaching if they need it. You need to know right away what they are saying in the invitation so it can be corrected if needed.
  1. Never be the source of information. Always point to where the information/answer can be found. It could be a brochure, a website, your upline, a product call, etc.  If you are the source of the information it cannot be duplicated.
  1. Be sure you are tracking your results and working with your chosen coach for support. Everyone must have a coach to be successful so you need to have one, too. Good coaching is not critical. It is enormously supportive and empowering.
  1. The invitation is one of the most important steps in the system and is especially so for the new person. Here are some of the key points in the invitation:

Who do you invite? People who like to make money. People who are entrepreneurs. People you would like to work with. People that respect you enough to return your phone calls. People that have a sphere of influence.

The longer you make the invitation, the less likely it is that the person you are inviting will say “yes”. Keep it short

Sample invitation: Remember the purpose of the invitation is only to set an appointment. Nothing more. That is your posture-an invitation to an appointment.

Opening, get their attention in one sentence:

“John, I know you are an astute businessman”

“Sue, I know from our conversations you are interested in making more money”

(Add some opening statements of your own. Put yourself in the other person’s mind and situation. How would you respond to what you are saying.)

Tell them very very briefly what it is. It is a way to earn extra income.

“I am doing something that has some excellent income earning possibilities and I think you might find it worth taking a look at it.”

Then move right in to the release statement before they have a chance to say anything.

Release statement. This is extremely important and must happen no later than your third statement. It let’s them know they are completely free to decide and that there will be no pressure. You also let them know it is not going to take a lot of their time. Then go right for setting the appointment.

“It may not be a fit for you, but nothing is lost in taking a look. It will only take 45 minutes of your time.  Do you have any time tomorrow?”

If they ask what it is at this point refer back to your opening:

“It’s about making money.”

“I can’t do it justice in a couple of minutes. You need to see the whole thing.”

“I’m new to it so a friend who introduced me will do the presentation. You’ll be able to get all the important information to see if it is worth pursuing”.

“It’s a visual presentation. You have to see it”.

Once you set the appointment, which should be within two days, if possible, let them know it is important in closing.

“This is very exciting, Joe. It could be important for your future. Any chance you won’t be able to be there?”

Additional things to check:

If they have a partner, ask if is possible for their partner to be there.

If they have kids or other possible disruptive things set the appointment in another place- at work, at a coffee house, etc.

It is your intent that will enable you to set the appointment in a way that creates interest and value. Don’t be sloppy about any of the elements of the invitation, the meeting place, and the conditions of the meeting. You are responsible for setting that up for the maximal opportunity for success. Remember this can change people’s lives. You have something very valuable to share.

If the appointment is set more than 2 days in the future, be sure you call and confirm the day before.

Life Force International

If you have not found a company to build a home business with, take a look at Life Force International. Life Force is the “Holy Grail” of the Network Marketing Industry and would be a perfect option to increase your chances of success with a home business. To learn more about Life Force International, visit our Life Force presentations page.

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How to build a home business.

About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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