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Finding the Best MLMYour most important decision when joining a Network Marketing company is to find a legitimate home based business. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to have all the attributes you are looking for, but the majority of the time, it will be difficult to find a good home business. Therefore we are going to give you 12 simple due diligence steps to find the best network marketing company that will give you the highest rate of success;

1. SIMPLEST MLM DETECTIVE INVESTIGATION: LOOKING FOR THE BEST? Get into the “BRAIN & PUSHBUTTON” When you are looking for the best Network Marketing Company!  A friend told you that MLM Company XXX is the very best. First Look at the MLM Company’s website.  First suspect clue would be no street or city address, worse yet, only an email address, no phone number.  Then look for the pictures and names of the owners of the company.  Not having these on a website is a quick absolute reason NOT to join. Also in your search for a good or the best MLM – Networking company:

A. DRIVE BY THE OFFICE  – Wise, seasoned MLM distributors doing their Due Dilligence Investigation will use Google street view to save gas.

B. Picture on Google above not the same as website = run!

2.  RUN FROM A COMPANY TAKING ONLY BANK WIRES, MONEY ORDERS OR CHECKS: Use your MLM Detective Investigative “BRAIN.” Only use a credit card that will accept charge backs.  Returns? Honest companies allow refunds within 60-90 days (8 states require a year)!  Don’t allow deductions from your bank account unless the company passes every test on this page for a Good or the Best MLM – Network Marketing Company!

A. Money by Fedex – UPS only?  YikesBes! Scam Time not any good MLM!  A trained MLM Dectective will tell you the scam artists do this to avoid USPS Postal Fraud charges!

B. A PMB (private mail box) address is an indicator of dodging USPS Postal Fraud Investigators = 911 run a SCAM!  Never for a good-best MLM Company.

3.  EASY MLM INVESTIGATION TRICKS: Next in your search for the Best – Good Company MLM Detectives will go to the Internet and enter the following into one or two of the major search engines:

A.  The MLM Company’s name (owners too) and the word “scam”. Go through two pages!  Look for  forum message comments for legitimate complaints (see D below).

B.  Then do the same for “complaints, lawsuits, and news articles archived on search engines.

C.  Also check who registered the website domain of any new company claiming:  amazing, incredible, proprietary, never seen before in the universe, revolutionary, products, services or technologies! Check for the domain lookup (WEBSITE NAME). Companies with good offerings would register a name 6 months to a year ahead of time.

D. A warning on MLM due diligence for MLM Researchers for good MLM’s! There are sad sites and forums that are unfairly negative toward all MLM – Network Marketing companies.  Ignore these “Anti -MLM Zealots” and only look for appropriate information. A good MLM Detective will ignore 99% of their B.s. in their search for A Good or “The Best” MLM Company.

4.  A SECRET DUE DILIGENCE TOOL: is a good Internet tool because it can show you how much traffic a Best or Good MLM Network Marketing company is getting by individual hits.  The person you talked to may be ignorant themselves.  This trick for finding the Best or a Good MLM only 1 out of 10,000 know about.  If the traffic is headed down or under 2000 hits on a decreasing curve and this is supposed to be a Good or Best MLM Company?  Tell the person bye!

5. A GOOD OR BEST MLM WILL HAVE A WAY TO SPEND UNDER $500 TO START: There are over 22 states that require registration if an opportunity (not just MLM but includes MLM) requires you to spend over $500.  Two states say it must be kept under $200.  A good MLM – Network Marketing company will have a way to join for under $500. Plus MLM Companies in the Good and Best Category will have a return policy good for 90days to a year to get 90% of your money back on products.

A. Here is a list by the FTC of States requiring “Biz Opp” registrations.  Remember this if a recruiter is hustling you for over $500.  Why join? This doesn’t fall into the Good or Best MLM Category.  They may get shutdown for not having the state Business Opportunity registrations! Why risk joining?  There goes your opportunity!

6.  A LOT OF NUTRITIONAL PRODUCT HYPE – Not a good or the best MLM! Raise the dead? Live 130 years NOT THE BEST OR GOOD MLM Network Marketing Company? Cure Cancer (which is an illegal claim for any nutritional)! If not a nutritional skip down to next due diligence for MLM Detectives.

A. Get a list of the MOST critical ingredients in the MLM’s nutritional product and put them beside your computer. B. Go to the U.S. Government National Institutes of Health nutritional research website PUB MED.  Go to Pub Med after you read the next two sentences!

B. Look up the major ingredient(s) by entering its name in the search box . A very Good or some of the Best MLM – Network Marketing Companies may have sponsored a study.

C. Read through the scientific studies.  Some may be complex, but the END sentence usually gives you a good idea if the study was a Plus or Minus for the product. Read over at least 10 articles use a piece of paper to keep track of studies like this Study #1 Good   Study #2 good   #3 What did they say? (or just What?) Study #4 Good  Study #5 Bad.   Make your own judgement if the product is Good or Blah!

7. NEXT MLM DETECTIVE DUE DILLIGENGE RESEARCH: MLM Detective “PUSHBUTTON” Go to the Better Business Bureau website for the city where the MLM-Network Marketing Company is located.  Most are free.  You are looking for the number of complaints the BBB has NOT resolved. If there are over 2-4, hold off joining, it very well could mean problems.  MLM Detectives don’t overly trust BBB reports but we the can be good  indicators.  Here is the National BBB Advanced Search –  don’t use the quick search.

8.  WATCHOUT FOR: An email solicits you to a “HOT” VERY BEST MLM, Party Plan or Network Marketing Company!  The Good or Best MLM Companies forbid spam.   Home based business notes and Other:

A. Look for exclamation marks and capital letters used to lend legitimacy or urgency!  Beware of disclaimers such as “this is not a pyramid selling scheme or scam” (legitimate offers don’t contain such claims). Don’t believe promises of fast wealth.  No really good or best Network Marketer would do this

B.  If you feel, see or hear “Get Rich Quick!” Run! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! MLM – Network Marketing takes some work, like any good Home Based Business.

9. MLM, PARTY PLANS & NETWORK MARKETING COMMON SENSE: Don’t let the money over-excite you!  Use the products or services being sold first!  If they excite you, then look at the money.  You should try sharing and selling the products/services to test them out.  Spending some money to test a company and their offerings is a wise thing to do.

10. READ THE FINE PRINT IN THE MLM CONTRACT: MLM Detective “BRAIN.” These are the Enrollment Agreement or Terms of Agreement plus Policies and Procedures. These all together are a business contracts, enforceable in a court of law. The Distributor Rights Association says they shouldn’t be over 15 pages long.  Don’t sign if you don’t feel comfortable about the contract or a Good & the Best companies have someone to talk to you about the contract.

11.  FOLLOWING RESEARCH FOR GOOD AND BEST MLM – DEDICATED DIG: Check with the Attorney General in the state where the company is located.  Be very brief with your email or phone call and stick with asking, “MLM Company XXX is located in city in your state, do you have complaints against Company XXX?”

12. COPY THE PAY PLAN AND ASK QUESTIONS: Then find an expert to analyze it.

A. If it only pays for signing up new people and not sales of products/services – run!

B. Does the plan pay to “infinity”, if so, another good point.  As reasonable person SHOULD be able to earn a profit in the VERY FIRST MONTH!

One of THE BEST MLM companies out there is Life Force International.  If you would like to learn more about the company, go to our presentation page and watch the 25 minute presentation.

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How to find a legitimate home based business.


About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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