My Fellow Americans (I’ve always wanted to say that),

Do you feel guilty that you can’t spend enough time with your family?  Are you struggling paycheck to paycheck?  Are you sick and tired of being told WHEN to be at work and WHEN to leave?  Are you sad that you’re not able to see your kid’s first “up at bat” because you can’t get to the ball field until the 5th inning, missing their first steps or words?

What are you doing in the current economic conditions to plan for your future?  Do you seriously think that we will have a “nest egg” when we retire?


Seriously!  I know, I felt this way, do you?

There is a solution out there that is not a; scam, pyramid scheme, “Too good to be true” story that your buddy told you about.  It is a legitimate business model that can make one wealthy.

Life Force International (LFI);

1)       25 year old company that has been in the business of making tens of thousands of people healthier and wealthier.

2)      LFI has NO DEBT on their books, everything is paid in cash.

3)      There is NO “package” one has to buy to get in the door as a business partner, it is free.

4)      You carry NO inventory.

5)      LFI pays 60% out to the distributors (highest payout in the industry-AUDITED)

6)      Member of the Direct Sellers Association (3rd party policing entity over MLM companies) (

7)      In the Wellness Industry (One of the most explosive markets out there)

8)      Has CONSUMABLE projects which increases ones’ residual income

9)      Pays to infinite levels (40% on 2nd level!)

10)  No quotas

11)  Highest grade with Better Business Bureau

12)  Free training

13)  The Bell Curve of income distribution with this company averages to $300-$5,000 per month meaning that the majority of the company’s population is in the “middle income” range (FYI-most MLM companies are a “3rd World Country” with FEW making good money and MANY making very little)

14)  Did not enter the MLM industry until recently, therefore still a “secret” in the Network Marketing world

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is a LEGAL and very intelligent business model for some products.  In 1979, the Supreme Court deemed Network Marketing a “Viable Business Model”.  The products that are unique and that have a higher price point because of the quality of the product and the lack of “copy cats” enable the company to pay out top dollar to its distributors.  These are the best products to represent the Network Marketing model.

The Network Marketing model gives several benefits to the company;

1)      Allows the company to pay for its advertising AFTER the product has been sold.  Therefore, there are no wasted advertising dollars.  At any one time, the company knows exactly what its advertising budget is.

2)      The saved cash can be invested in other areas of the company such as Research & Development to enhance the product line.

3)      The “Time Value of Money” principle states that a dollar is worth more in my pocket today than in yours.  For example; a person puts in an order for one of the products.  That cash goes directly to the company first.  The company sits on that cash for 2 weeks, then pays the distributor their share.  Those two weeks of the company having the full amount of money allows them to generate interest on the funds, hence “Time Value of Money”.

4)      The largest cost savings is realized in the fact that the company does not have to pay payroll taxes/benefits/space/HR/etc on all of its “sales people”.

As you can see, there are several tangible benefits that an MLM company enjoys.  BUT WHAT ABOUT US?

1)      Is the ONLY financial vehicle that allows someone, that does not have a large amount of capital, to “buy into” an existing business.

2)      There is NO cap on the amount of income one can make.

3)      Gives one the power of their own work schedule and where he/she works.

4)      Generates a large amount of liked minded people working together towards one goal.

5)      In order for one to succeed, one has to help those they bring in.  In the RATE RACE world, this is completely opposite.  It is the same concept as “Pay it forward”.

6)      This is one that in not mentioned enough-TAX SAVINGS.  The U.S. Government wants us to build our own businesses because it creates individual wealth (more money for them on a large scale).  The tax incentives and deductions are tremendous for those that own their own business (1099 Income).

7)      Last but certainly not least-Creates a sense of accomplishment, especially in this company.  One is able to help people with their most important aspect of one’s’ life; HEALTH.  Secondly; the ability to help someone become financially free.  Both are very satisfying.

Robert Kiyosaki speaks of the “Cash Flow Quadrants”.  According to him, there are four methods by which someone generates income; 1) Employed, 2) Small Business Owner, 3) Corporation, Franchise, Network Marketing owner, and 4) Investor.  Most of us are STUCK in 1 and 2 where the Government takes a much larger percentage of our income in taxes.  The reason we stay in these quadrants are mainly derived from fear; fear that I won’t have health benefits, fear that I won’t have a constant paycheck, fear that SOMEONE won’t take care of me.  WAKE UP, NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!  These companies have ONE THING on their minds; TO MAKE A PROFIT HOW EVER THEY CAN.  This means YOU are REPLACEABLE!  Mr. Kiyosaki’s way to wealth is through quadrants 3 and 4 and he said if he “Had to do it all over again, it would have been through Network Marketing!”.  The key is to build a residual income which pours over into the investment quadrant to generate more residual income.  In my mind, it’s a matter of tipping the scales from “Working for your money to Money working for you”.  This can be done, has been done, and will continue to be done again and again and again by people just like you and me.  And, by the way, it is just as easy, with the same cost, to buy individual health insurance, so do not let that hold you back.

Five years ago, I looked at my friend and said, “There is NO WAY IN HELL that I am going to get into a ‘Pyramid Scheme’”.  I WAS uneducated and closed minded when he approached me with this business model.  I was open to the health benefits of the product, but would not go any further.  You can read “My Testimonial” on one of the attachments to this website to see how the product affected me.  After a couple of weeks into taking the flagship product Body Balance, I introduced it to my neighbor whom was battling alcoholism at the time, with no thoughts of generating income.  I just wanted to help him.  Well, 2 weeks later I received a check in the mail for $65 and thought, “Hmmm, maybe I should just take a look at the presentation”.  I did and a light bulb went off in my head that said, “THIS IS YOUR TICKET OUT OF THE RAT RACE”.  You see, I was in a 17 year career in International Accounting, traveling around the world and spending countless hours counting beans for someone else.  I knew that, in order to be a good dad (3 children in the next 11 months) and husband, I could not continue killing myself the way I was.  I started investing about 5 hours per week consistently, no more, no less and, long story short, was able to WALK AWAY from my accounting career at the age of 37 in October of 2008.  I now enjoy a hefty residual income that allows me to stay home with my family and not have to worry about how the mortgage is going to be paid the next month.  I am very blessed that I found this and want others to experience the same.  And now, I have had luxury of seeing my business partners flourish in front of me and in the last several months, mainly due to the economy, one after the other has fled TO my business organization.  People are looking for another stream of income.

The point I am making is that YOU TOO can have this.  You DO NOT need a ton of time to get the ball rolling.  You DO NOT have to have a large sum of money to get going.  ALL YOU NEED is a burning desire to stop having to live the way you are living, that is it.  Dream and then dream into reality.

Everyone from me to the top is retired on this model and is just waiting to help you.  You DO NOT have to do this yourself, in fact, we INSIST that you use us!

Five to ten years from now, Network Marketing will become commonplace in our society.  DO NOT wait until that time to get in.  DO IT NOW!  Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have commented that Network Marketing is the next big “Gold Rush” in our culture.  These two men’s opinions are not just everyday opinions, but are EXPERTS in the field of wealth generation.

After reading this you think, “No way in heck am I doing this”, just think of my paragraph above.  I was in your shoes.  If you think, “Hmmm, interesting” or if you don’t think at all, take a look at and listen with an open mind for 25 minutes.  If you are still not convinced, it’s ok, it’s not the right time for you and you only “wasted” 25 minutes, but if you want to learn more, please, by all means, contact me.

My main goal here is to help as many people as possible.  You may not believe it now, but ride on my back for awhile until that belief level is there and you will find yourself with a passion you have never had before.

God bless and good luck in all your endeavors!

Benjamin A Mueller (Doubleapenny)

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