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Yes, we definitely need to intake a lot more water than what we do, in terms of optimal health, but is “Flavored Water” actually good for health, and does it really count as true water intake?

Unfortunately, the answer is no and yes, respectively…

Why isn't flavored water good for health? Reason being is that 100% (literally) of the flavored water market, has some sort of preservative or other chemical/additive in the product, which immediately takes it out of the running in terms of a, good for the health, flavored water product.

In the United States alone, we drink over 10.87 BILLION GALLONS of water each year! But again, unbeknownst to the general public, we are putting health killing additives, preservatives, and, not to mention, the plastic bottles that can ultimately affect our health, into our bodies.

In addition to not having “clean” flavored water in the U.S. Market, the main problem is that we Americans are SPOILED and “don't want to drink anything that doesn't have a taste”. It would be funny to see how 90% of the population would function in a country like Uganda and where water is the best tasting thing on the planet. But, as it may, Americans want something that tastes good!

With that said, most people don't drink enough water, just because of the lack of taste! But what if there was a way to flavor water, without adding ANYTHING detrimental to the overall health benefits that water brings to us? Could it be that there is a way to flavor water and still receive 100% of the health benefits of water…there may just be.

Why is water so important? As you will hear in our video below, I have had 5 back surgeries, and I am only 44 years old! The main reason why I have had to have these surgeries, is dehydration of the discs themselves.

Another common health benefit that water brings us is; keeping our bodies at a healthy weight! When we do not drink enough water, our metabolism gets shot. Our bodies are not able to move the toxins out as efficient as they would if there was enough agua flowing through the system. The build up of toxins makes the fat cells hold on to those toxins because they are not able to be eliminated.

These are just simple examples of how water plays a part in our overall health. Bottom line is; WATER is the key foundation to optimal health and we all know that.

So how can we get more water into our systems to move towards good health?

Again, our goal is to get, AT LEAST, 64 ounces (half of a gallon) of water in our bodies per day. In my opinion, a gallon is probably closer to what is optimal, but as you probably realize, it depends upon how much one weighes. Secondly, the person has to take into account that ALL liquids can count towards our goal. The problem is, and again the reason why I wrote this article, is that 100% of the drink products on the market, have some sort of attribute(s) that defeats health.

Take, for example, soda pop! Yes, you could drink 5-6 Cokes per day and say, “I have my liquid intake down!”. Really? All that junk is coursing through your body and completely nullifies what you are trying to do. The most healthful way to get liquid is the body is through pure water.

This is exactly why we need to find a flavored water, that is good for your health and will help the market get clean water into the body, while still lighting up the taste buds.

Well, if 100% of the products on the market, are not going to solve the problem, then how, outside of drinking water by itself, do we solve this epidemic?

Answer: FuxionFlavored Water Biotech!

Fuxion Biotech started 10 years ago in Lima, Peru, when the Founder, Alvaro Zuniga, created the Company. 6 years prior to the opening of Fuxion, Mr. Zuniga was a Mechancial Engineer that created a process to extract moisture from milk, reduce it to a powder, and deliver it to families that were malnourished, at a much cheaper cost so they could afford the milk.

Since that time, 16 years ago, Alvaro Zuniga, has been granted 6 patents on his process which essentially withdraws the moisture from over 1,500 ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest, reduces them to powder (while leaving all the nutrients intact), then delivers them to the market in satchets!

These little packets of pure nutrients are not contaminated with ANY preservatives, GMO, nor any other fillers. They are just pure powedered whole foods that are added to hot or cold water. The end result is, your water becomes a delicious tasting beverage filled with nutrients that are from the heart of the planet!

Personally, I have been on these products for a year now and have experienced fantastic results. I just wanted to get my water intake up and have a good taste to go along with it, but I received much more than that. As of today, I have lost close to 60 pounds (only thing different has been the addition of the Fuxion products).  The link to the Fuxion products I used is in the article attached to “I have lost close to 60 pounds”, if you wanted the information.

Furthermore, my mental state has improved in a huge way since being on the Fuxion products! I have been sober for 16 years, but one of the reasons why I drank alcohol, was because of a consistent pattern of depression and anxiety. Since getting on these products, I can honestly say I have not felt this peaceful since I was a kid. The two products that, I think, play a major role in this benefit are On and Passion (mind nutrients plus increased blood flow).

Regardless if you use Fuxion products or not, we all need to focus on the amount of water we are putting in our bodies. So, why not make it as tasty as possible, and bring nutrients to our bodies that water, by itself, can't deliver!

If you would like to order Fuxion products, simply visit the Fuxion website and click “Buy”…simple as that! There is a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee and the price of the Fuxion products, as you will see, are outstanding!

Start counting those ounces…

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