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There are several reasons that people eat food that is literally killing themselves; they are not educated about the subject, they are “too busy”, healthful food doesn’t “taste good”, and people also think that eating healthy is very expensive. In this article, we are going to address the last misnomer; that healthy food blows apart a family’s budget.

Is healthy food too expensive? First of all, we want to point you to a video that may surprise you. Dole did a little test where they compared a few prices which shows that this theory is not always the case.

Furthermore, it is a very easy assumption that there are higher rates of obesity and illness among low income parts of the country. Those unaware of the true facts suggest that the low income families do not have the money to afford the healthy foods that provide the synergistic effect of nutrients on the body. Secondly, they harp that there are not enough grocery stores in the lower income areas which feeds into the problem even further.

This assumption is not the entire truth; Behavioral Scientists at the University of Buffalo redesigned the grocery shopping experience by stocking a replicated store with everything from bananas, broccoli and tomatoes to soda, candy bars and potato chips. They gave 42 mothers of numerous income levels a lump sum to buy a week's worth of groceries for their families. After the initial shopping trip, researchers began tampering with the product prices; raising the cost of unhealthy foods and decreasing the cost of healthy items on different instances. What was the result? The moms took the money they saved on cheaper fruit and vegetables and spent more on junk food. The total calorie count of purchases increased when produce prices fell. Inversely, higher prices on unhealthy foods shifted spending to fruit and vegetables.

This research study offered several interesting outcomes. Specifically, the study suggests the purchasing choices that are contributing to obesity are less driven by produce prices than by cheap junk food prices and other factors, such as the yearning for sweet, salty and fatty foods. Actually, when you compare the price tags on healthy and unhealthy choices, the latter is often far more expensive. For example; a banana ($.25) to a $.90 candy bar or a $1.30 serving of fries. Clearly the banana is a cheaper and far superior for your health.

The point that these examples provide is simply; we do not put enough focus on the health of our bodies. Just looking at the study conducted, albeit a small sample, buying more unhealthy foods, even when healthy foods are at a discounted price, points to the behavior. We have been programmed to love sugar and other harmful ingredients because they taste good. If you start providing your body with super foods that contain high amounts of super nutrients, the body will start to crave the nutrients and the taste of the unhealthy food will start to die.

Now, we agree that our world is going a million miles per hour and that time is of the essence. Therefore, you need to be able to get these nutrients in the body efficiently while making sure the quality of nutrients is high. This is where Natural Nutrient Supplementation is superior

Yes, make sure you go buy your fruits and vegetables at the nearest produce section, but also include one of the highest regarded Whole Food Supplements on the market today; Body Balance by Life Force International. Body Balance is a liquid super food product that is made from Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables. The combination of these two super foods brings your body 120 nutrients including; trace minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, amino acids, glyconutrients, vitamins, and macro minerals. Body Balance is, in essence, a healthy food alternative that makes eating perfect nutrition easy and effective!

Body Balance has been around for 28 years and has helped tens of thousands of people with various stages of unhealthy states. If you would like to learn much more about Body Balance, visit our Body Balance Information page.

At the end of the day, a plant-based diet provides the most nutrient “bang for the buck,” while also saving on health care costs down the line and may even prevent a premature death.

Here’s to your health!

Ben & The Balance You Need

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