Plant Protein versus Meat Protein

Personally I hate to hear this, but research shows that meat as a protein source isn't as healthy as plant protein. In fact, science has demonstrated that it is way better to get that needed protein from plants over animal sources!

We are not saying that you can't have a big fat burger every once in a while. But rather, let's decrease the amount of protein we get from meat and replace it with plant protein.

Here are the main reasons plant based protein is healthier than meat…

The amount of nutrition in plants exceeds that of meat

Sure, animal meat has its fair share of nutrients especially in terms of amino acids. We can actually get all the necessary amino acids if we eat a range of animal based proteins plus vitamins such as; B5, B6, B7, B12, Niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Thiamine.

But, plant-based proteins like seeds, bean, and nuts, seeds delivers a similar spectrum of nutrients for our bodies at much less of a cost.

So why is this better? Because when we look at the two food groups in calories, we can get a heck of a lot more nutrition in our bodes ingesting plants than meat!

Meat has carcinogens and unhealthy fats

Red meats are carcinogenic per the World Health Organization and cancers like prostate and colon are directly linked to processed meats. Simple.

The other red mark on red meat is the fat content. That tasty steak, that scrumptious burger, YES they are wonderful! Problem is they'll clog the ol' ticker if we eat too much of it!

Once again, plant based proteins win. There are no carcinogens (directly from the plant), very little “bad fat”, and no cholesterol!

The proof is in the pudding…there has been mountain of evidence showing how people have reversed cardiovascular disease by going to a completely plant based diet. Right there we should be convinced on how the bodyFuXion BioProXActive-USA responds to fueling it through plants versus meat.

The moral of the story is whether you are eating smaller amounts of meat or if you go strictly plant based eating, you will benefit from giving your body the most nutrition possible through increasing your plant intake.

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The Balance You Need

photo credit: Pascal Volk Apple via photopin (license)