Randy Gage is one of the most influential Network Marketers, in the history of the Profession. In fact, this man was the first person ever inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame and now, YOU have the opportunity to work with Randy by joining Randy Gage's Fuxion Team!

Author, motivational speaker, Professional Network Marketer, Randy Gage, has shown the world, the “Mad Genius” in him, and has positively affected hundreds of thousands of people over his 30 years in the Industry. He is a Master of Prosperity and, has the ability, to help others break through their own barriers to true success. So, question is, how could working with an MLM Expert, affect your overall success?

When we were looking for our next Network Marketing company to join, we were blessed to have Randy Gage contact us about Fuxion. You see, a group of 6 of us, Professional Network Marketers, were analyzing the Network Marketing industry to try and find the best company to align with.

After a 2 month process of researching over 100 health and wellness MLMs, that are currently in the United States, Randy Gage contacted us to let us know about this new launch happening in the United States. Something that has NEVER happened before in this wonderful Industry of ours…a $100+ million dollar Company launching INTO the U.S., and Randy was the beginning of the U.S. branch and wanted our team to be the beginning of Fuxion United States!

After running Fuxion through our 29 point criteria, the Company, far and away, beat EVERYTHING else out there on the market. In December, 2015, we decided to join Randy Gage's Fuxion team…

Not only does Fuxion have all the attributes one needs to truly achieve a significant income in the Network Marketing Profession, but we have the ability to work directly with one of the all time greats in the Industry. You have the ability to have the same advantage, of working with Randy Gage, if you decide to join Fuxion!

Currently, we have close to 5,000 Fuxioneurs within the United States (400,000 in Latin America), which means that we are still at the beginning of the growth phase with Fuxion. And, since we are one of the fastest growing teams in Randy's Fuxion team, we have direct access to him.

The biggest advantage to being part of Randy Gage's Fuxion team is this; we get to learn from an expert. Too many times, in this Industry, people get into situations with companies where there is no leadership to speak of, OR, the true experts are so far above the person, that they get very little teaching directly from said experts. In Fuxion, that is not the case. Personally, I have learned more in the last year, than I had learned in the past 11 years, combined.

Point being, if you have the chance to work with an expert like Randy Gage, AND, as long as all the other charateristics of a good Network Marketing company, are present, you jump at the chance. It can make the difference between spinning your wheels and significantly changing your financial trajectory.
As for me, I am one of the top leaders in Fuxion U.S. and have Randy as one of my direct uplines. Anyone, on my Fuxion team, has the option to work with Mr. Gage also. If you would like to learn more about my Network Marketing background, visit my bio page.

If you are located in the United States or any of the other countries that Fuxion is in (we will be expanding to Canada, Europe, and beyond over the next few years), and are interested in the Network Marketing Profession (or already a Network Marketer), and would like to join Randy Gage's team in Fuxion, contact us at 866-992-5551 or visit our “Join Fuxion” page.

If you would like to learn more about Network Marketing, as a career, visit The Balance You Need and soak up the information!

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