Following the Fuxion launch into the United States? Stay connected to The Balance You Need to hear all about the latest Fuxion updates to know what is happening with this new Network Marketing Company in the U.S.

First, Fuxion is literally exploding across the United States as we enter the full on launch of the Company. As discussed in the video by United States Leader, Ben Mueller, the first few months of pre-launch consisted of getting all websites and tools translated from Spanish to English, plus nailing down the culture of this new U.S. Company with the leadership group. Enrollments were consistent in the first 3 months of Fuxion in the United States, but in the last 4-5 weeks, momentum has went into full gear!

Perfect timing as we head into the actual United States launch which is May 13-15th  in Orlando, FL. There are several announcements that will be made at launch including the release of Randy Gage's Fuxion App (a game changer in the Network Marketing Industry), a few more products added to our already existing 14 Fuxion products, plus a few other Fuxion updates to various parts of the business that we can't release at this point in time!

We are providing you the latest Fuxion updates because this is one of the rarest Network Marketing opportunities ever to hit the United States!

The combination of the timing, product price points, product efficacy, technology, upline expertise, and several other competitive advantages that NO OTHER NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY has, makes Fuxion Biotech a gold mine for those that plug into the business and follow the simple duplicable system.

Remember, Fuxion has already shown its power in Latin America where it grew to $112 million in annual sales in 2015, plus was voted the Peruvian Company of the Year!

Point being, do NOT sit on the sidelines, one more minute. You waited to see how the first few months would go with the Fuxion launch into the United States and we are here to tell you; “the water is beautiful, so jump in!”. The longer you wait, the more income you push away from yourself!

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