We have an epidemic in this country when over 60 million American adults are experiencing mood management problems. Depression, anxiety, and more severe emotional health issues need to be taken seriously through a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, manage moods naturally.

In addition to a medical professional, medicinal plants can assist without the harmful side effects of other traditional methods. Herbs, amino acids, whole-food based vitamins and minerals can be a safe, natural option.

Fuxion offers a variety of products to promote a positive mood and outlook, while also supporting the body's immune system, mental health, circulatory health and much more. For ailments ranging from mental fog, lack of libido, anxiety, and stress to anti-inflammatory properties (which can directly impact emotional health), Fuxion has a healthy product for you!

Mood Management Matrix Fuxion Products 

ON – Reflection, Connection, Action!

A delicious, invigorating beverage that combines herbal extracts, vitamins, and amino acids that act as natural activators of brain functions, promoting energy and mental focus. This drink is uplifting to the spirit, stimulating and motivating; while at the same time being calming and mood elevating.

When you are experiencing a situation where you really need to be in go-mode, you'll love ON iced tea. ON stimulates brain function, fights fatigue, and allows you to focus and concentrate longer.

Vita Xtra T+ – The energy you need to live each day to the fullest!

A scrumptious multivitamin energy drink that combines purple corn, green tea, ginseng, mycelium of cordyceps mushrooms, and maca to give you maximum energy. With Vita Xtra T+, you will be more energetic and motivated, supporting better physical performance and mood.

Probal – The ideal balance for your hormones and mood management.

An herbal tea that combines amino acids and plant extracts to help regulate hormone imbalances in both men and women. This nourishing product helps balance and ground the body and promotes calmness.

OFF – The calm after the storm!

A beverage blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help you balance your nervous system and optimize your natural relaxation processes, without causing drowsiness.

This drink promotes relaxation, helps your body cope with stress, and induces deeper sleep. When you want to be relaxed yet focused, this iced tea is exactly what you need. OFF helps manage tension and stress, calming the mind so you can relax. Drink a glass of OFF during the day when you need to concentrate and de-stress, or after dinner to ensure a great night's sleep.

Passion – Make your passion last longer!

A delicious combination of ingredients designed to help improve hormonal function and increase energy and libido. How's that for managing moods!

This invigorating blend of amino-acids flavored with guarana, a South American fruit, maximizes the endocrine glands' performance. Drink Passion to stimulate enthusiasm and confidence! Active ingredients include L-arginine, a potent amino acid, Royal Jelly, vitamins and zinc.

Mood Management Daily Routine

Here is an effective daily routine to support an elevated mood:

Morning: Make a smoothie with raspberries, milk of choice (I use almond milk), banana, frozen or fresh raspberries, Fuxion vanilla protein powder (protein is calming to the body) and Vita Xtra T+. Blend and serve over ice. This smoothie provides your body with critical omega fatty acids, healthy protein, and a natural boost of energy that wakes up your body. A much better approach than high caffeine, acidic coffee! This drink is alkalizing to the body, so you can hit the ground running in the morning–literally or figuratively!

During the Day: Afternoon slump got you down? Around 2pm, make yourself a cup of delicious Fuxion tea. In one 8-12 oz glass of water, mix ON and Passion together. This combination will boost your mood and improve mental focus so you can focus at work and accomplish anything on your to-do list!

Night: After dinner (but not too late in the evening), make yourself a glass of OFF mixed with 8-12 oz of cold water. This awesome drink will help your mind relax, allowing you to prepare for blissful sleep and leave any anxious thoughts behind.

If you would like to learn more or get any of these wonderful products, please visit the Fuxion website.

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