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Are you looking for an MLM consultant? How about one for Affiliate Marketing? Choosing the right consultant to work with will determine whether or not your new business will succeed in this ultra competitive marketplace.

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As stated above, Affiliate Marketing and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), otherwise known as; Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Social Marketing, are highly competitive industries. Many companies have finally realized the power of “word of mouth” advertising. They understand that, if able to get a foothold in this type of marketing channel, their sales can go through the roof. Gone are the days of staffing thousands of salespeople that may or may not be effective. In the Affiliate Marketing and the MLM model, the “salespeople” are only paid based on performance, therefore, these companies have the luxury of avoiding a lot of overhead from unproductive workers.

If you are a company that is looking to enter this arena, you can not just try and wing it yourself. That would result in failure. What you need is an MLM consultant that can take you from the starting line, all the way through to launch and beyond. Why? You need the expertise that comes with a seasoned veteran in the Industry!

An MLM consultant can help guide you through such facets as; compensation plan, policies & procedures, front end marketing tools, back office systems, recognition programs, training, and much more. In order to compete in this environment, your company needs to stand out among the thousands of other companies trying to do the same and, without a good MLM consultant in place, the chances of you having the competitive advantages needed to excel, are zero to none.

With that said, Ben Mueller is an MLM consultant that has been in the Industry for over a decade. In the span of 10 years, his accomplishments have shown how dedicated and talented he is;

-Created a large Network Marketing organization with Life Force International.

-Developed personal branding through two main websites; The Balance You Need and Ditch Da Boss.

-Launched a new MLM in Africa in 2014 that is performing very well. He was the main MLM consultant from inception, to launch, to continuing operations for Life Force Africa (company website).

-In the process of creating a new Social Marketing company with a famous financial adviser. In October of 2014, Ben Mueller was hired as the head MLM consultant for this particular entity and is establishing all aspects of this new Social Marketing program. At this point in time, we can not release the company information, but as soon as it is ready to launch, believe us, you will know.

-Chosen to be on the Member Board of Life Force International in January of 2015. Focusing on the re-branding of the Company which includes; new front end marketing tools, compensation plan enhancements, back end systems, and all other aspects of this particular MLM model.

-Was chosen to help launch FuXion in the United States with Randy Gage.

Whether you choose Ben Mueller, or another consultant to work with, you have taken the right first step. If done correctly, this marketing model can create return on investments that would have been a dream in the past. Having your company's Social Marketing program go viral, is comprised of a strategy that focuses on the four main legs present in successful companies; compensation, marketing tools, culture (recognition), and education. Your MLM consultant should have the expertise in all these areas, at a minimum.

Good luck in your future endeavor!

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