Here is the million dollar question…what is the most important skill in Network Marketing? There are obviously a ton of differing opinions, but one thing I have learned is, to listen to those that have been multi-million dollar successes in the Network Marketing Profession.

Is the most important skill in Network Marketing the Invitation? What about the follow up? Well, then there is the ability to create trust with others and build relationships. Yes, all of these are important aspects of Network Marketing, but, the most important skill…is transferring hope to belief. Say it with me…transferring HOPE to BELIEF!

If you don't know who Randy Gage is, make sure to look him up, but he has helped more people become million dollar earners than almost anyone on the planet, in the Network Marketing Profession.

Very fortunate to have had this experience, but I had a chance to sit down with Randy, for an hour, one on one, and one of the most influential parts of that conversation was discussing this skill of helping people move from hope to belief!

As I talked about in the video, I have developed this gift of being able to transfer hope into prospects, meaning that I am able to enroll people into our business, fairly easy. But Network Marketing success does not stop there. The key strategy and work is in helping people crossover into true belief. The belief that says; “I CAN DO THIS” and not; “I HOPE THIS WORKS FOR ME”.

Now, how does one do that. Per Randy Gage, it is all about getting people to events, whether it be a large convention, or a phone call that is one on one. Why? Because this business is, when we break it down, millions of people trying to self motivate themselves into success. Because Network Marketing is our own business, the majority of the time, we are by ourselves and not connected to others doing the business. Belief happens when enough time is spent with others trying to accomplish the same thing we are…financial freedom!

So, now you know what the most important skill is in Network Marketing it is now up to you to master said skill! Start by contacting your upline and discussing this strategy as soon as possible. Momentum doesn't wait.

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