I have been drinking these tasty beverages for almost 4 years now and have developed a “system” of my favorite Fuxion product combos that I think you'll like!

First off, I am a 47 year old male, father of 5, husband of 1, C.F.O. at an emerging markets company, and do a lot of Yoga! That's my life in a nutshell (outside of vacations). Point being, that system I referred to, works well in an OCD head like mine.

Back to the Fuxion product combos…

Fuxion Product Combos for Exercise

My first daily experience with these amazing plant based beverages is before my Hot Yoga class. As you may or may not know, you sweat a TON in Hot Yoga. I mean it is literally disgusting what happens in that room. So one would assume that there are a lot of electrolytes that are spilled out on that floor.

Before I address the loss of electrolytes, about 15 minutes before the Yoga class, I drink a Passion. This tasty beverage expands the arteries and veins to help carry precious blood to the muscles more effectively. I also consume a Passion before a lifting day to force more blood to the muscle groups I am working. Not to mention, a little Passion beverage before my wife and I go to bed…seriously works!

During the 90 minute class, I also sip on Post Sport. This is where I replenish my electrolytes.

I actually ran an experiment on Post Sport by eliminating the drink from my Yoga class for 3 months. During that time period, I was completely fried from the class a good 2-3 hours after after I was done. I would eat, drink water, and still felt like a slug.

A few weeks ago, I went back to the Fuxion product and, low and behold, I felt fantastic during and after the class. I was zapping all that salt in my body during class because of the amount of sweat, and I needed something simple to get the electrolytes back in. That simple answer is Post Sport!

Fuxion Product Combos for Energy

This is a very simple Fuxion combo…Vita Energy and On!

Vita Energy is a physical energy product.

On is mental energy product.

The combination of the two is unbelievable. Really, there are no words for this feeling other than it is absolutely wonderful.

Key here is replacing the coffee that has high levels of acidity with this Fuxion combination for less than a cup of coffee costs and WAY better for our bodies.

Fuxion Product Combos for Elimination and Weight Loss

The biggest change I have experienced in my health is the loss of 60 pounds. This weight loss happened within the first 6 months of using the Fuxion products and, almost 4 years later, I am still down at the same weight.

The products I use to maintain healthy elimination and fat burn are; Thermo T3, Flora Liv, and Prunex.

Thermo T3 is a fat burner, metabolic enhancer if you will. It has 3 powerful fat burners and I use this Fuxion drink as a way to keep the fire burning.

Personally, I think Flora Liv is the crux of all the weight loss. This product contains 10 billion spores of Good Bacteria and loads the gut up with all these little fighters that get rid of the Bad Bacteria that literally kills weight loss. Note, you WILL get gas with this product which is a sign that the good guys are winning!

Prunex, oh my lovely Prunex. I have not had to struggle with a bowel movement since this product came on the market. ‘Nough said!

Think about this…the Fuxion product combination here is mainly about gut and intestinal health which is exactly where the start of burning that fat off your body begins.

Check out the video below for a more in depth look at why Fuxion products are so powerful.

There are a number of Fuxion products that aren't mentioned here, so make sure to check out all of these delicious beverages. I simply wanted to show you my daily routine with these plant based drinks and how I have changed my health because of them.

If you would like to learn more about the Fuxion products, head over to our Fuxion website and see which Fuxion product combos look good to you. Honestly, you can mix any of these products together and have a delicious and nutritionally powerful beverage in your hand.

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