I have been on my weight loss journey for 30 years now, but only recently understood why the weight loss was so short lived. My goal is to help give you some things to think about, that may be preventing you from seriously achieving what you say you want, in terms of weight loss (and really, these thoughts could be used in all aspects of life)!

As for my “fat kid” transformation, as I eluded to above, it has been a mess!

My Weight Loss Story

From the age of about 10, going forward, I started to out gain my peers, on that nasty scale…and, as I became an adult, the teeter totter weight loss became a 5 year cycle…example; age of 23 lost 100 pounds and, within a year, it was back on! I did this 3-4 more times over the last 20 years (losing 50-60 pounds at a time), and, EVERY TIME, it came back, and then some.

Two years ago, I was sitting at 292 pounds. For my entire adult life, I had always given the excuse of; “I am an old football player and can't you see the weights I can still put up at this age”, bullshit, as that always gave me the pass after I gained the weight back.

Here is the problem, as I have aged, so has my body. 5 back surgeries, knee surgery, and the like, put me in a painful situation. Add extra weight to that equation and the result is not good.

As I pondered what the next 40 years was going to look like, all I could foresee was pain and my inability to connect with my family and friends, in a happy and blissful way. It just wasn't going to happen.

So, what happened? Two things; YOGA and FUXION.

If you have never tried Yoga, don't judge it! Here I was, a fat guy (with some muscle), coming into a heated room with 30 other, cut, women, and a few other guys. I had to swallow my pride and realize that this was about where I wanted to go. Which was freedom from pain.

There has been NOTHING like Yoga! My background in exercise was limited to a college athlete regimen (25 years ago regimen)…weights, and an hour of cardio. Plain and simple, my body got used to this workout and, although it was giving me my cardio and maintaining muscle mass, the body just would not respond like it did when I was younger.

I could go on and on about Yoga, but bottom line is…it has changed my life in amazing ways. From MUCH more peace in my life, to a body that is COMPLETELY different than what I was ever used to, the benefits have been miraculous! I went from 292 lbs, to 235 lbs and a muscle structure that is, actually, like a Yogee. Can't believe I am even saying this!

The second change I made, was to start drinking Fuxion. Specifically, Flora Liv and Thermo T3.

As you may know, I market these products and am one of the U.S. leaders for the Company, in the United States. Is this a marketing message? Hell yes it is, because these products have been the other major factor. How do I know this? I was doing Yoga, a year before I started taking the Fuxion products. Yes, I lost some weight, about 25 pounds, but, the remaining 32 started to come off immediately (took 4 months or so) after getting on the Fuxion products.

Seriously, try these two Fuxion products, specifically, and see what happens. For almost 2 years now, I have been watching, person after person, lose weight off these products, so I know, it is not only me. Point being, get them in you!

With the background intact, I wanted to lead you down a few paths to think about, which was the original intention of this blog…my brain tends to go off sometimes:)

Ready For Change?

Over the last few years, I have become more and more open to change, which, I believe, is what a true life change has to be founded in.

17 years ago, I went into sobriety. In order to survive something like Alcoholism, or other addictions, growth HAS TO happen..and there was a helluva lot of growth that happened, over a very short period of time for me. But, for the last 16+ years, I have flat lined, in terms of growth (spiritual, mental, physical).

Then, something happened…I started to change again…

From these changes, I have become more and more aware of things that, quite frankly, I was blind to before. The following two concepts have become my foundation to take my health, and weight, to another level. Again, this is my weight loss story and, some of these ideas may help you break through the barriers that all of us have, or create. If you apply them, you can't help changing, it will happen.


Setting Intention

Do you ever feel like you are just reacting to life?

For many years, I did. Imagine trying to lose weight, and just reacting to whatever is around you. There was NO intention set in terms of eating. I just ate when I thought I needed to. When there is no intention, I tend to put whatever I want in my mouth without thinking about it.

The fix? Set our intention, consistently. Every time I think about eating (which is every 2-3 hours now), I intentionally eat something nutritious. It's pretty easy at this point because anything that is not nutritious, tends to make me feel like crap!

Identify Core Issues

NOTHING will permanently change in our lives, if we do not identify the core issues/beliefs about ourselves, that are holding us back from true abundance!

There is much to write about this concept…in fact, too much to write. Instead, check out my thoughts in the below video.

Again, this is my weight loss journey, but after 30 years of studying this stuff, AND experimenting, I believe I have found the key to sustained weight loss (“release”-think about that one for a moment), or rather, a life long optimal weight, way of life.

By combining the obvious changes like exercise and nutrition, and the two simple concepts above, I am hoping that you get that “ah ha” moment when you realize;

‘Weight loss really doesn't have to be that hard after all'!

Hope this was helpful!

Ben and

The Balance You Need