I know it's hard to believe, but there are natural anti-depressants available to us and, contrary to belief, you do hold the power to control your depression!

Apart from the medications your doctor will always be “so willing” to give you, you can create your own path to wellness, without the harmful side-effects of all the doctor-prescribed meds. There is BIG MONEY in the pharmaceutical arena, and the more and more reading I do, I realize that our health is the last thing they truly care about!

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What if you could change your life? What if you could go off those meds you've been holding onto for so many years? Is there a natural anti-depressant? To me, it is well worth it, not to depend on my mental health being controlled by a pill I have to take every day.

You might be saying, “What does she know about depression”? I know a lot more than you may think, and I “stumbled” onto the answer, a natural anti-depressant, by chance, and Thank GOODNESS for that!

Please read this article below:

Magnesium deficiency is well known to produce neuropathologies. Only 16% of the magnesium found in whole wheat remains in refined flour, and magnesium has been removed from most drinking water supplies, setting a stage for human magnesium deficiency. Magnesium ions regulate calcium ion flow in neuronal calcium channels, helping to regulate neuronal nitric oxide production. In magnesium deficiency, neuronal requirements for magnesium may not be met, causing neuronal damage which could manifest as depression. Magnesium treatment is hypothesized to be effective in treating major depression resulting from intraneuronal magnesium deficits. These magnesium ion neuronal deficits may be induced by stress hormones, excessive dietary calcium as well as dietary deficiencies of magnesium. Case histories are presented showing rapid recovery (less than 7 days) from major depression using 125-300 mg of magnesium (as glycinate and taurinate) with each meal and at bedtime. Magnesium was found usually effective for treatment of depression in general use. Dietary deficiencies of magnesium, coupled with excess calcium and stress may cause many cases of other related symptoms including agitation, anxiety, irritability, confusion, asthenia, sleeplessness, headache, delirium, hallucinations and hyperexcitability, with each of these having been previously documented. The possibility that magnesium deficiency is the cause of most major depression and related mental health problems including IQ loss and addiction is enormously important to public health and is recommended for immediate further study.

Eby GA, Eby KL. Med Hypotheses. 2006

Did you know that 80% of the western culture is magnesium deficient?
The symptoms of magnesium deficiency include anxiety, depression, restlessness, confusion, irritability, brain fog, fatigue and irregular heartbeat and tight, aching muscles.

The list of symptoms, related to possible magnesium deficiency, is very long. If you have 3 of the following complaints you may need magnesium substitution:

-muscular tension, muscle cramps, tics, tight muscles, easily injured muscles, weak muscles
-heart palpitation, irregular heartbeat
-high blood pressure
-depression, anxiety, dizziness, confusion, irritability, memory loss, poor attention
-chronic fatigue
-low stress tolerance
-menstrual cramps, premenstrual mood changes
-night sweats
-loss of bladder control
-sluggish colon, constipation
-migraine headaches
-cold hands and feet, muscle cramps in legs or feet
-chronic pain in hips or knees, low back or middle back pain
-carpal tunnel syndrome
-crawling sensations on the skin
-Attention Deficit Disorder
-thyroid dysfunction (over or underactive thyroid)

As you can see from the long list above, magnesium deficiency can cause numerous physical and psychological changes, including depression. And to this end, magnesium can be the key to getting out of the depression from a natural anti-depressant standpoint.

Plasma magnesium levels have been found to be significantly lower in depressed patients than in controls. These levels increased significantly after recovery. So, as you can see, magnesium could be one of the natural anti-depressants.

Depression Supplements

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It's YOUR life, it's YOUR choice!

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