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Scientists have been successful in developing prescription medication that treats the symptoms of some specific diseases, but there is no substitute whole food nutrition and the Immune System.

The Immune System is much more powerful than any type of drug will ever be. It is the main component in helping us maintain a healthy body. The main purpose of the Immune System is to shield our body from disease and infection. When working correctly, it has everything it needs to complete its mission. It takes out harmful pathogens, and goes to war against pollutants and toxins. The Immune System is superior to modern medicine in every aspect because it was designed with perfection. However, if it is deprived of the most vital nutrients, it becomes weak and inefficient, leaving the body susceptible to assault. If truth be told, most of today's degenerative diseases are the direct result of immune dysfunction and can often be traced to poor dietary habits.

It is possible to strengthen your Immune System to prevent all types of disease and illness just by simply eating the right foods. Nature has given us a wide array of plant foods that are rich in nutritional content and phytonutrients. Consuming these foods, given that they are grown and processed correctly, will strengthen your body, allowing it to heal itself faster and prevent disease. The big question is whether the food is grown and processed correctly. This will lead us to supplementation ideas later in the article. But, in general, an Immune System that is fed with suitable nutrition will be much more victorious at protecting the body. This relationship between proper nutrition and the performance of the Immune System is the key to superior wellbeing.


As for malnutrition, the symptoms are well documented. They include; steady lack of energy, difficulty learning or concentrating, prolonged recovery after a difficult task, getting the flu more often, numerous headaches, sleep issues, degenerative diseases, inability to handle stress, depression and many more. If you have any of these troubles or just don’t feel “like yourself”, you probably have some form malnutrition.

As Dr. Linus Pauling stated above, almost all types of diseases and health problems are the direct result of the body’s malnourishment. Everyone knows that being healthy is important. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to fix this and with increasing knowledge for the need of nutrition, very few ever act on it nor realize that they are malnourished.

Because all of the systems of the body are interrelated, the Immune System is not the only system that suffers from malnutrition. Eating a nutritionally rich diet will not only better protect you from illness, but helps the body stay in balance. Your muscles repair on a more efficient basis, the heart will beat more effectively, you will be able to move through stress more swiftly, you will be more relaxed and in control of your emotions, you will be able to learn and remember better, etc. The benefits of a healthy body are endless. This not only allows you to perform better as an employee, but as a father, mother, husband, wife, etc, etc. We are meant to run effectively and to be able to enjoy this life we have been given.

Chemicals and Soil Depletion

Eating well nourished food is the single best way to keep the Immune System in a top performance mode. Unfortunately, our food is becoming a problem as far as the nutritional content. Because our food is “developed” using stimulating chemicals and pesticides, we are nutritionally famished. Due to the chemical practice in growing crops, plant foods now have severe nutritional losses that contribute to the reason why our diets are so absent in nutrition. This is evident in the constant increase of degenerative diseases. Our food is not only deficient, but it is still jam-packed with the chemicals and pesticides that were used to grow it.

Not only is our food full of chemicals our bodies never intended to have to sort through, but our soil no longer contains the nutrients that is passed on to the food during its growth phase. Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes stated: “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency due to soil depletion.”

Nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes and amino acids, are required for our bodies to function properly. These nutrients are dependent upon minerals. Minerals are predominantly obtained from the food we eat, and the mineral content of that food is dependent upon the mineral content of the soil it grows in. Therefore, depleted soils create mineral deficient food.

All of this results in mineral deficient bodies, from which comes an abundance of health problems and degenerative diseases. A few of the major symptoms and illness linked to mineral deficiencies are osteoporosis, bone and muscle weakness, growth failure, mental apathy, paralysis, glucose intolerance, anemia, poor wound healing, changes in hair, skin and nails, and liver problems. A lack of minerals can also lead to weight gain, as a deficiency leaves your body craving minerals and never feeling satisfied. A shortage of even one mineral in your body can trigger all sorts of problems.

In 1936, Rex Beach presented document #264 to the US Senate, which discussed Dr. Charles Northen’s research on the prevalent mineral depletion of America’s soil. At that time, North America’s soils were estimated to be hugely lacking in mineral content and 99% of Americans were considered mineral deficient. Dr. Northen conducted experiments in which he restored the mineral balance to the soil of one area of a crop and left another area alone. The plants grown in mineral-rich soil consistently yielded healthier crops free of pests and fungus.

Around the same time, famed soil scientist Dr. William Albrecht was performing studies on calcium content in soils. Albrecht’s results showed that sufficient calcium levels produced plants with higher quantity and quality of protein. Dr. Northen concluded, “Healthy plants mean healthy people. We can’t raise a strong race on a weak soil.”

Studies showed then, and maintain today, that the vegetables, fruits, grains, milk and even animal products that are eaten today do not provide the same nutrition as they did 100 years ago. It is impossible for a person today to acquire all his mineral needs from food because our soils have become so deficient. Hundreds of years of farming the soil, combined with the effects of pesticides, herbicides, and air and water pollution, have slowly drained the soil of its vital elements.

In 1936, the importance of minerals in food was a relatively new concept that Dr. Charles Northen and Dr. William Albrecht were only beginning to introduce to the scientific community. Their research and experimentation produced startling truths about the importance of minerals in soil and the effect of mineral depletion on the health of our bodies. Studies today confirm Dr. Northen’s conclusion that the mineral content of soil does in fact affect the mineral content of the food grown in it. Unfortunately, 74 years later, little has been done to better the mineral content of North America’s soil. The 1992 Earth Summit soil mineral depletion report showed soil depletion in North America to be at 85 percent, the highest in the world. This is a sad statistic for a country that is supposed to be healthy and prosperous.

Degenerative Diseases and Illnesses

The dictionary defines “degenerative” as: adj. : of illness; marked by gradual deterioration of organs and cells along with loss of function; “degenerative diseases of old age”. Some types of degenerative diseases include cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, etc. While degenerative diseases are usually related with old age, old age is not the real cause. The real cause is
the lack of nutrition and the presence of unwanted substances in our modern food.

Why do degenerative diseases continue to increase during a time in our lives where the best medical technology in the history of the world exists? Because of the reduction in the quality of our soil depleted and processed food. Disease and illness are the outcome of years of malnutrition. When the body is nutritionally starved, the Immune System will become suppressed. When this happens, you will be at higher risk for disease because disease causing agents that enter the body will be able to creep past the defenses of the Immune System.

It is estimated that 90% of Americans are malnourished to some degree. This is not from the lack of food, but from the lack of nutrition in our food. Eventually, the Immune System can no longer fight and a degenerative disease begins to grow. Notice how our bodies have become larger in fat, but still are developing these diseases. Why? Because our bodies are craving something and the easiest thing to do is run to the cupboard for sugar. It is only in recent years, that degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, AIDS, and many others have began to multiply exponentially. The rise in degenerative disease rates is indirectly proportional to the decline of the quality of our foods and this is not coincidence. It is a fact that one out of three people will at some point be diagnosed with cancer.

Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication can only execute one role in the body at a time. It only helps with SYMPTOMS of a particular disease and not the cause of the dis-ease. This medication effect puts the body out of balance, which, in turn, creates a side effect. Prolonged exposure to drug use will eventually lead to other health problems. This is why over using prescription drugs is not recommended. There is room for prescription medications in emergency situations, but unfortunately, we are literally programmed to lean on these drugs for everyday life. Again, the Immune System is the only defense we have against disease; therefore the key to helping prevent disease is to ensure you have a strong Immune System.

Proper Nutrition

Even though we may feel fine with no disease on the horizon, does NOT mean that we are healthy. For instance, a disease or illness can be in the body long before we ever start to feel the symptoms. The smallest of pollutants can create a small “out of balance” in the body and, over time, can turn into your demise. The key to becoming healthy is to maintain proper nutrition going forward.

Proper nutrition is defined as;

-Are plant foods

-Are wholesome

-Are rich in nutrients and phytonutrients

-Are eaten in a wide variety

-Are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, stimulants, or any other man-made substances

-Have no negative effects on the body

-Are processed and formulated correctly so that no nutrition is destroyed

After reading that, I bet 90% are thinking, there is no way that I can eat that way! This is the exact reason why so few have healthy immune systems.


There is a solution to our malnutrition and potentially natural treatments for degenerative diseases. We need to find a way to maintain proper nutrition in an economically viable way and way that allows us to function efficiently in our fast paced lives. The ONLY way to ensure that we are getting the nutrients that we need on a daily basis is to find a whole food supplement that provides us our baseline nutrition. We will NOT get it from our food, therefore supplements are a necessity.

Life Force International has been producing WHOLE FOOD nutritional supplements for over 25 years. Based out of San Diego, CA, Life Force has a wide array of nutritional supplements that will solve the problem of not having the correct nutrients in our bodies. For example, Life Force's flagship product, Body Balance, passes all of the tests laid out in the “Proper Nutrition” paragraph. Body Balance is a mixture of Aloe Vera (see “Benefits of Aloe Vera”) and 9 different Ocean Botanicals (see “Benefits of Sea Vegetables”), therefore is a plant food and a whole food. Body Balance is packed with 120 Trace Minerals (phytonutrients), all major vitamins and minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and all essential Glyconutrients. This is obviously a wide variety of nutrition that has no negative effects on the body. Body Balance is cold processed, therefore not losing ANY of the nutrition and is not made with any other man made substances. Body Balance is a liquid which allows the body to absorb the nutrients at a rate of 98%. Body Balance gives you all the baseline nutrition necessary to promote a healthy Immune System and body.

Life Force has 17 other products that provide other nutritional components to health. OsteoProCare and OsteOmegaCare are the liquid calcium products (all women need this extra calcium). Dream Away is liquid Melatonin that helps those with sleep issues. Amino Charge is a powdered protein with 3 separate sources of protein in it. Taheebo and Colloidal Silver are natural antibiotics and immune system enhancers. TruBoost is a natural energy drink supporting the Adrenal Glands. Vitali-C Plus is powdered Vitamin C and Black Currant which supports the Immune System. FlexeoPlus is liquid Glucosamine which is like oil for the joints. TrueGreens is chopped up salad in a jar. Sunbright is an herbal product that helps with mental acuity, while SunSet is used for relaxation. The Herbal Body Wrap is used to draw toxins out of the largest organ in the body, the skin. And our Natural Colon Cleanse is one of the best on the market that cleanses the digestive track and colon to ensure proper absorption of nutrients.

Life Force has had the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau for 25 years and has a 45 day 100% money back guarantee on all products, even if you use them. Take this opportunity to learn more about Life Force International and our products and see for yourself. Life Force even offers a program that allows you to get your products for free call the Thank You Check Program. You can also get Body Balance FREE FOR LIFE!

One of our main concerns and reasons for writing this article is that we want to educate parents about malnutrition and to be able to see our children grow up in a healthy environment. I have 4 children myself and there are enough things in our world that can potentially hurt them, including our food. My children have been on Body Balance and the other Life Force products for a long time now. I can feel completely comfortable that their little bodies are getting exactly what they need in order to grow up with a much better chance of not developing a degenerative disease because of malnourishment. If you would like to hear, straight from the little people's mouths, click here!

Bottom line is whether you get your supplemental nutrition from Life Force International or somewhere else, please do it. We all have loved ones in our lives that want to spend as much time as possible with us. Some of us have little ones that depend on us to be strong and healthy for them! Therefore, make sure you are delivering the fuel to your vehicle to ensure you can meet these goals.

To learn more about Life Force International and our products/business, please visit this page!

It’s your life and your choice!

The Balance You Need Team

Health Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The statements and products are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases.

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Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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