Listen, I am coming from a very humble place, but have developed, over the course of the last 43 years, into a person that has some talent, education, and passion to help those that want it, in their MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business.

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Watching this video, 10 years ago, would have made me feel like I was not “worthy” of even saying what I said. To be honest, I probably would never have even attempted to shoot the video. Point being, I have come a long way in terms of how much I believe in myself.

You see, my belief in myself was at an all time low, not but a decade and a half ago. If you would have asked me, 15 years ago, at the height of my alcoholism and drug addiction, that, in 15 years, I would own a multi-million dollar MLM business, along with a few other businesses, I would have told you; “Do you know who I am?!”. But thanks to God, a lot of hard work, and people that have lent their expertise when I needed help in MLM, I am grateful to say that it is my reality now.

With all that said, are you open to suggestions? Do you need help in MLM?

As I state in the video, I have been able to acquire the know how, necessary drive, and techniques to, not only lead other people in their path to MLM success, but have also helped to develop two different Companies' MLM programs. I am now at a place, where I want to step up my game and help more people in their quest for MLM freedom, regardless if it helps me financially or not!

It's unfortunate, but the majority of people that come into MLM, quit within their first few months because they;

*Do not believe in themselves


*Have not got into profit yet

This “quitting MLM phenomenon” does NOT need to happen! People just need help in MLM by asking for it. Problem is, and just like with me, I thought I could do it on my own and no one, except for a few rare cases, can do it on their own!

If you want to have success in the MLM Industry, you need to reach your hand out and learn from those that have went before you. MLM, like any other business, is about employing a process and, if you have never been around the process, how do you know what to do?

It isn't just a matter of taking certain steps to gain the momentum needed to build a 6 figure income with the business, but there are psychological aspects that need to be worked on also. It is a full on look at both technique and mental make up. The whole YOU…

Check it out, if it wasn't for mentors of mine not giving up on me and my stubbornness, I would have never made it to where I am at. If it wasn't for me finally saying; “I need help with my MLM business”, nothing would have changed.

So, and again regardless if you are interested in my Company or some other company, I am here to help. To be completely honest, it invigorates me! So, give me a ring at 866-992-5551 if you want to have a chat about how to advance your MLM business. It's just a matter of saying; “I need help”!

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