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Success in the Network Marketing (MLM) Profession has a lot to do with the Network Marketing duplication system that is being used. It is the foundation of how fast a company, therefore individuals, are going to grow!

There are several determinants that lead a person into those massive income numbers that Multi-Level Marketing can produce; product efficacy, price points, upline experience, timing, management/owner experience, and the like, but one shines above all others and that is a solid Network Marketing duplication system;

Fuxion Biotech is a brand new (to the United States), Network Marketing company that has been able to achieve amazing revenue heights in Latin America because of how this Company is set up. In the above right video, Randy Gage, one of the top Network Marketers in the history of this Profession, lays out exactly why Fuxion is growing so fast across the planet. One of the biggest reasons why Fuxion is growing at this rate, is because of the Network Marketing duplication system that is being used; the Fuxion App and Leadership Academies!

As discussed, there are 4 main areas of a duplication process; the candidate list, the invitation, the follow up, and personal development. These are the skills that every Network Marketer learns to master and is the key to Network Marketing success.

Starting in reverse, the Fuxion Leadership Academies are weekly meetings that happen throughout the globe. These meetings are where local Fuxioneurs come to learn how to become better at their craft. It is where they can develop the skills necessary to take their Fuxion business to the next level!

The other main parts of a Network Marketing duplication system, need to be taught and used in an, easy to follow, process that anyone can learn how to do. This is where Fuxion's duplication model, comes into play, the Fuxion App!

The Fuxion App has everything a Network Marketer needs, to share the business and products with the world. As you will learn from the Fuxion App article, one can build their business in an easy, duplicable way so that those that they bring into the business, and so on and so forth, are following the same exact process that everyone else is. This creates consistency and, massive growth, when all the other Fuxion competitive advantages are pulled together. I mean seriously, a dog could take this App and make a run to the bank!

From creating your candidate list, to the invitation, and ending with the follow up (and your prospects ability to join or purchase directly from the App), this Network Marketing duplication system is second to none!

Randy Gage Company

This next statement may have been something you have heard several times in your life, but it is the honest to God's truth if you plug into the Fuxion business and treat it like a business; “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity”!

Yeah, knew you heard it before, but seriously, what took me 9 years to achieve in my prior company, took me only 5 months in Fuxion in terms of the income level I have been able to achieve so far with Fuxion. A big part of that has hinged from the genius of Randy Gage and Fuxion's duplication process.

What I don't want to happen is that, 3 years down the line, you notice how large Fuxion has become in the United States and think, “I COULD HAVE”! NO! I don't want anyone missing on this because, living a lifestyle of financial freedom is one of the most freeing and peaceful places to be in one's life.


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