In the video below, U.S. Fuxion Leader, Ben Mueller, discusses Network Marketing prospecting strategies that have worked for him. It comes down to one thing; THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

For those new to Network Marketing, many of you tend to be short sighted in your prospecting strategies. It isn't you, it is simply the fact that you are learning how to be a Network Marketer and, if you are open to coaching, these tips can help you expand your reach 10 fold!

Bottom line is; the best way to build a Network Marketing business is by putting out “as many arms” as possible into the market. This means thinking outside your normal thought process and finding creative ways to get you in front of prospects.

  • Warm market (friends and family)
  • Social Media marketing (engaging with people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like)
  • Samples, samples, samples (getting the product in the hands of as many people as possible)
  • Other forms of advertising (PPC, newspapers, radio, etc.)

The Network Marketing prospecting strategies discussed in the video are just a fraction of a percent of all the different ways we can inform the public and prospects, about our business and/or products. It really comes down to thinking at a deeper level (critical thinking) and allowing yourself to become uncomfortable. As I stated in the video, we don't grow, whether it be in business or just life in general, if we aren't putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions. The question becomes; do your dreams outweigh your fears!

If you would like to learn more about Network Marketing prospecting strategies or the Industry, in general, visit The Balance You Need and take in the information!

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