There is a new sheriff in town for Fuxion Biotech, and the new Fuxion CEO is…wait for it…Jeff Higginson! With the goal in mind to grow Fuxion to $1 billion in sales annually over the course of the next 5 years!

Press Release (AP) 6/5/17, by Benjamin Mueller

Alumbra, the yearly Convention that Fuxion Biotech puts on, was filled with strategic initiatives that promises to bring Fuxion from it's current spot (#85) in the top 100 Network Marketing companies, in the world, to THE top Company in this Industry.

At the Company's main event, which was held from 6/1/17 to 6/4/17, there were some major announcements that should put ALL Network Marketers on high alert that Fuxion means business, not only in Latin America and the United States, but for Fuxion worldwide.

Fuxion History

To give you a brief history on the Company, Fuxion started out over 10 years ago, in Latin America, with its roots in Lima, Peru. Alvaro and Rafael Zuniga, the creators of this magnificent Company, set out to do something impactful for the world; bring Functional Beverages to all corners of the globe, that are the healthiest beverages a person can find, and, at the right price!

For the first several years, Fuxion's yearly revenue hovered around $5 million per year until, in 2012, when the Company hired the Legend, Randy Gage, to help them tweak the business model and, launch into the United States. From that point, Fuxion Biotech, would never be the same as yearly revenue's went from $5 million, to $20 million, to $60 million, to $112 million (2015), and last year ('16), the Company shot up to $132 million! Now that is a growth curve that every Network Marketer would want to jump into…

But, that was just the beginning! Fuxion launched into the United States, as a top 100 MLM company, in May of 2016. It actually was the first Company to ever launch INTO the U.S., as a $100 + million dollar entity, out of Latin America. This has never happened before since the inception of this Industry, in the 1950's. What this did was set up American Distributors, into a dream situation!

As we all know though, things NEVER go perfectly in a company's first year of operations, in a new country. With that said, the first year of Fuxion, in the United States, was about adapting to the U.S. Market and, after the changes and adaptations, plus the additions that are discussed in the video below, puts Fuxion at, literally, THE best Network Marketing situation a person could ever hope or dream for!

Check out what news the Company dropped on its tens of thousands of “Fuxioneurs” this last weekend…

The new Fuxion logo representing the move forward into world domination and the tranXformation that Fuxion has created in order to do so!

Fuxion CEO

Fuxion Biotech continued to excite the Network Marketing Industry as they released the following strategic initiatives;

Clean Label Fuxion Products

What is Clean Label?

“Clean label is a consumer driven movement, demanding a return to ‘real food’ and transparency through authenticity. Food products containing natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce. No artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.” — Go Clean Label™

This is a VOLUNTARY designation for companies, that have the finances and, more importantly, the products to even qualify for this label, to show the general public that they literally have some of the cleanest natural products that a person can find in the marketplace!

Basically, Clean Label means that Fuxion's products contain ZERO, NADA, ZILTCH, artificially sourced ingredients. It means that, every single particle in the products, is sourced from a PLANT!

Furthermore, this also means that the NON-GMO Maltodextrin that was in a few of the Fuxion products, is now gone, and replaced with the Yuca Root!

What this does is ensures the public that the Fuxion product line is of the highest quality possible!

Fuxion Becomes a Benefit or “B” Corporation

A Benefit Corporation is another designation, where a company is strigently evaluated on all fronts of the business. From the source of ingredients, to how they treat their employees, to carbon footprints, to giving back to society. All aspects of a business are reviewed and, if the company is in line with the requirements, they are able to get this voluntary designation!

What the above two categories does for Fuxion is, once again, puts Fuxion as a top echelon Company, in the world and further differentiates itself from the sea of Network Marketing companies!

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

This is crazy stuff, but Fuxion just announced a strategic partnership with IBM and Cognetivos, to introduce a marketing platform to the MLM Industry, that has NEVER been used before.

As discussed in the video, at more length, this marketing platform or software, deemed as “Watson”, will revolutionalize this Industry and Fuxion is the first to use the technology! “Watson” analyzes the internet to help build a profile for a Fuxion Customer or Member and communicates with the person on all levels. Watson is NOT about selling, selling, selling, but rather about building the relationship between you, the Fuxioneur, and your Customers and Members.

This “Artificial Intelligence” basically does what no human could do and creates a HUGE competitive advantage for those building Fuxion businesses!

Do you see the pattern here? Fuxion continues to differentiate itself from the rest of the market! They are willing to do, what it takes, to make sure Fuxion stands out in a world full of sub par companies in the MLM space!

This weekend, Rafael Zuniga, co-owner of Fuxion, said it very eloquently;

“Our goal is for Fuxion NOT to be viewed as a Network Marketing Company, but rather a top Company, in the world. With all our advances in technology, both in product and business, we have managed to pull ourselves out of being viewed as an MLM, and to be viewed as an excellent Company!”-Rafael Zuniga

Jeff Higginson New International CEO

Probably the biggest news out of Alumbra, was the announcement of the new CEO, Jeff Higginson! Up until this point, Alvaro Zuniga, was the acting operational executive. Plus, Randy Gage, whom is one of the top Network Marketers in the history of this Profession, was helping Alvaro and Rafael maneuver Fuxion into the United States market. But, Alvaro is a SCIENTIST and Randy, should be the Network Marketer's leader!

After unveiling Duo at its I/O conference in May, Google has finally launched its free cross-platform video calling app on Android and iOS today.The human race is known to be greedy and wanting everything that the other person has.

The Zuniga's and Gage came to the realization that they needed a powerful CEO in place, to help drive the Company across the globe!

As far as Higginson goes, this man has done amazing things in the Direct Sales Industry. He was able to take Agel, from a dinky company, to over $380 million in sales! He helped Agel open 65 countries, in a 5 year period, which is an excellent benefit for Fuxion as the Company lays the groundwork to expand internationally in a big way, while establishing the home base in the United States!

Again, this is mammoth news for those with interest in Fuxion as having a CEO, with this type of track record, is what will propel Fuxion from being a $100+ million dollar company, to a BILLION dollar Company over the course of the next several years!

Fuxion Conclusion

If you have been “waiting in the wings” for Fuxion to be at the perfect place, then now is that time! For all of you that are already involved with this Company, you just realized, even more, that you are sitting on a gold mine as Fuxion will be, one of the best, if not the best Network Marketing opportunities in the world!

It took the Company a bit of time to adapt to the U.S. Market, but they get it now. They understand what it will take to get to a billion in sales and are not afraid of making adjustments and changes, that fit the market better. Then you top it off with a caliber of CEO, like Jeff Higginson, you get a recipe for greatness!

If you would like to learn more about Fuxion, simply call 866-992-5551 or visit the Fuxion contact page to submit your questions.

More importantly, if you are ready to truly change your life, then just join Fuxion now, under one of the top U.S. Fuxion Leaders!

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