Prospecting in Network Marketing is one of the essential action steps that you take in the business. Along with the follow up, prospecting or, in other words, exposing the information about your business and products, are the most important strategies to learn, if you want a thriving Network Marketing business.

In the video below, Professional Network Marketer, Ben Mueller, explains how he talks to people about his business and products from FuXion Biotech. Whether you are a FuXion Network Marketer, or from another company, the prospecting video will help you understand how to truly master this part of your Network Marketing business.

The second strategy video is about how to follow up with people effectively. Between the two, you are now on your way to becoming a Pro MLMer…

As Ben discusses during the prospecting in Network Marketing video, it is about being yourself, first and foremost. Network Marketing is not about BSing people, it is about HELPING others get what they want and it starts by being open and honest with people.

Secondly, ask questions! Remember, you have a potential solution for people whether it be through your business or products. So find out what people's needs are an match their needs with your business or products.

Again, prospecting in Network Marketing is the most important action step you will ever take in this business model as it is the start of all business activity, so put effort behind it. Over the course of time, it becomes easier and easier to strike up conversations about your company without sounding like a salesman.

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