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Randy Gage and FuXion have teamed up to launch the Company into the United States and, for the first time in the history of Network Marketing, a $150 million dollar company, is coming to the shores of the U.S.! If you were ever looking for the best timing in this Profession, it is now, with FuXion Biotech!

If you have had any experience in Network Marketing, or even financial independence, you have heard of Mr. Randy Gage. What you may not know about Randy, is that he is back in Network Marketing with a new company out of Latin America named FuXion Biotech.

As you will see in the video below, Randy Gage and FuXion have linked arms and are marching into the United States market at the beginning of 2016. Take 6 minutes and watch what Randy has to say about the launch of FuXion in the U.S.!

  • First time in the history of Network Marketing that this has happened!
  • No autoship required!
  • Product price points are some of the lowest in the Industry!
  • High quality nutritional replacement products that are “Right Now” products!
  • The ability to come into an 8 year old Company, that is brand new to the U.S.!
  • Direct links of support from Randy Gage and Ben Mueller!

As Randy Gage discusses in the video, people do not really fully grasp yet, the true opportunity with FuXion. Because we are in pre-launch, the Network Marketers around the world, are just getting wind of how powerful this rare situation is. Which means, FuXion truly presents a gift for all of us that are looking for financial independence. If you look at every million dollar earner in the Network Marketing Profession, the vast majority came into a company at the exact right time, which is where we find ourselves with FuXion!

To get more detailed information about Randy Gage and FuXion for the United States launch, visit our FuXion business page, but to give you a quick overview, FuXion is an 8 year old Company from Lima, Peru, that has expanded into several countries within Latin America and has generated an annual revenue of well over $100 million without the largest Network Marketing country in the world, the United States!

Because this Company started in Latin America, they had to ensure that their price points were in line with the average household income, therefore, price points are more than perfect for the U.S. market. Plus, the level of quality of these nutritional replacement products, gives a person an immediate experience, which is an absolute necessity in the U.S. market because of how we view life (immediate value).

Secondly, the FuXion compensation plan is very well thought out and ensures that, the people that are serious, get rewarded. It is a hybrid model that has elements of several different types of compensation plans and helps to drive behavior by providing various ways that people can earn income.

In terms of marketing tools, with Randy Gage, the king of duplicable systems, and FuXion, we have state of the art marketing strategies that help to create an efficient and effective marketing environment for all involved.

Above everything else, is the timing of the FuXion opportunity! As Randy Gage so eloquently discusses, there has never been an opportunity like FuXion that has come to the United States, in the history of Network Marketing. Since 1956, when Amway was introduced to the world, we have never seen such an established company like FuXion, launch into the U.S., at the level of success they are at.

What does that mean for all of us? The best Network Marketing opportunity, ever, in the United States. We literally have, just a few hundred people, in the U.S., that are part of the pioneer group. To pass this up, would be the exact opposite of what a true Network Marketer would do…and we aren't saying this lightly!

Ben Mueller, one of the leaders in the FuXion inaugural group, is working hand in hand, with Randy Gage, to ensure that the world SEES what this can truly mean for the Network Marketing world. Take a listen to what Ben has to say about the Randy Gage and FuXion partnership…

Put your judgments aside, do NOT miss on this! If you are a Professional Network Marketer, or just someone that wants to create a few hundred dollars of residual income, FuXion is the perfect storm.

Randgy Gage and FuXion are launching into the United States…our goal; help as many people as possible realize the kind of life that Network Marketing has to offer to the average person. Are you willing to join us?

If you are, join us in this, once in a lifetime, opportunity!

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About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.

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