Yes, I am a very lucky Network Marketer, to be able to work with Randy Gage, believe me, I count my blessings everyday. With that said, I decided to do a Randy Gage interview to discuss Fuxion with my team and Randy knocked it out of the park once again.

The main point of this blog is two fold; to give you exposure to Randy Gage and some of his teachings and two, to show you the type of support that we get within the Fuxion business. Being at the beginning of Fuxion, within the United States, has a ton of benefits and, one of the biggest bennies, is being able to work, hand in hand, with one of the greatest Network Marketers, the world has ever seen.

Check out the Randy Gage interview below where he lays out his vision for Fuxion Biotech's growth in the United States, and beyond. Plus, some inside scoops on how Randy runs his Network Marketing business…

This interview with Randy Gage could have went on for hours, but I think we did a good job nailing down a few things like; does Randy lead with the business or product, what does it take to be a U.S. Fuxion Leader, how to determine who to put your energy into, and much more!

Fuxion Biotech is a $112 million dollar Network Marketing company that is now launching into the United States. It is literally a gold mine just waiting for those that are willing to put the time and effort into building a business. The key is getting into Fuxion now and not waiting until 2 years down the road when all of us on are top of all the action.

If you have been in the Network Marketing space long enough, you realize that growth rate is the single most important factor to growing a very large Network Marketing business. Obviously, we need to have great products, a duplicable system, great leaders, etc, but the growth factor is huge!

Not only are you getting great training, from the first man ever inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame, Mr. Randy Gage, but you also just found yourself exposed to the best Network Marketing business ever to hit the United States! Welcome aboard!

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