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If you are in Colorado, specifically Denver, you realize how hot the Real Estate market is these days because of the influx of thousands of people per month that are moving into the Denver metro area! With that said, Real Estate investing in Colorado is something that, if done right, can create a series of residual paying assets. Question is, how does a person begin their quest to build Real Estate assets?

You may or may not be familiar with me as the owner of this website and Professional Network Marketer, regardless, because of the residual assets created from my Network Marketing businesses, that extra cash flow needs to start flowing to other income generating assets! With that said, I am one of those people that is a full throttle go getter and have been thinking about getting into Real Estate investing for about a decade now. It just wasn't the time, but because of the real estate factors, that are discussed below, it is now, one of the best times in history, to start investing in real estate, whether it be in Colorado, or somewhere else.

Over the course of the last several years, I have created and sustained several business models and am now ready to venture into building Real Estate assets and would like to do it through a Partnership/CO OP format as it is easier to leverage the market when more than one investor is working together. If you are interested in becoming an investor in Real Estate, specifically in Colorado, please watch the video below. If not, keep reading as I will provide some information on the current state of Real Estate and the tools needed in terms of Real Estate education!

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The first step in becoming a Real Estate investor is education. Without it, we are just another person with wishful thinking hoping to get lucky. Therefore, finding quality Real Estate education, at fair market prices, is of utmost importance.

One financial education Company, that I highly respect is Elite Legacy Education, Inc. (ELE) which has been in business since 1992. Elite Legacy Education, Inc. (ELE) is a leading global provider of powerful educational training seminars, conferences and services dedicated to providing quality financial education. With Headquarters in the United States of America, Canada & the United Kingdom and over 200 employees and tens of thousands of students in more than 100 countries, Elite Legacy Education has a rich history of elevating the financial well-being of people from all walks of life.

Once your Real Estate education is in place, it is a matter of creating the connections with banks and Real Estate agents that can help find those properties. As mentioned in the video above, I have the luxury of having those connections in place now. Point being, Real Estate education plus the right connections can equal high ROI (Return On Investment), if done right. As usual, it is about what you know and who you know, that creates the momentum that we look for in Real Estate investing!

Thirdly, because lending rates are at an all time low and the fact that howeownership has flipped in terms of the percentage that rent versus own, we have a Real Estate investing “perfect storm”, and again, especially for those Real Estate investors in Colorado. Combining education, connections, renter trending, and the cheapest rates in history of using other people's (bank's) money, we all have an awesome opportunity to build these residual assets. Per;

“With homeownership rates at their lowest level in 20 years, historically low levels of housing starts and relatively low home prices in many parts of the country, there is still plenty of opportunity in the U.S. housing market for single family rental investors employing a variety of investing strategies,” said Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. “Whether focusing on markets where homeownership-shy Millennials are migrating, markets where recovering Gen X homeowners-turned-renters are prevalent, or markets Baby Boomers are testing for retirement, investors can find good options with solid potential rental returns.”

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In summary, whether you are interested in joining me in partnership to invest in the Colorado Real Estate market, or you want to venture out yourself, make sure you start by educating yourself on the ins and outs of Real Estate education. Elite Legacy Marketing, which is an entity of Elite Legacy Education, Inc., has put together a step up approach to financial education through a series of On Demand products. These Real Estate education products start at $97 and are a great way to get your knowledge base rolling.

Colorado Real Estate Investing

If you are interested in Real Estate investing in Colorado, please contact me and we can discuss a potential partnership. You can contact me at 866-992-5551 and select “Elite Legacy Marketing”.


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