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Yes, our economy is headed out of the recession that hit us a few years back, but we all know that it will happen again at some point in the future. Because 90% of our Nation are employees, it is a little scary when there is no back up plan when the next recession hits.

To better prepare ourselves for the next downturn in the economy, we should all understand what a recession proof business is and, if there really is a business model that can handle the ups and downs of our economy from a macro and micro point of view!

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The first question is; “Is there really such a thing as a ‘recession proof' business”? Some economists would say, absolutely not, but those of us in Network Marketing know, for a fact, that our Industry is recession proof…let me explain.

There are two major consumers of Network Marketing products; the Customer and the Business Partner. Customers are those that purchase the Network Marketing products. When an economic downturn hits, yes, some of the Customers will stop purchasing the products. One would think that this would create a big hit to a person's Network Marketing business, but in reality, it doesn't.

When there is a recession, the Customers start to slow down on purchases, but conversely, Business Partners start to join your organization to bring in another stream of income that is needed for the family. People are more apt to look at Network Marketing during a recession because of how it can create that needed income lost during a job loss.

Consequently, in Network Marketing, 99% of the time, Business Partners need to purchase the product in order to generate income. So what happens is that, although you may see a drop in Customer purchases, Business Partners start to take over and their purchases can mitigate the decrease in Customer Sales.

Not only do Business Partners start to increase your business's bottom line, but they are also bringing in more Business Partners, which, geometrically speaking, can increase your overall business success even more than during good economic times. They are promoting both the business and the products so you end up with increases in both as you are leveraging their efforts.

A recession proof business is a business that will continue to perform during bad economic times and Network Marketing can do just that. Recessions can even be a Network Marketer's dream as people are more willing to put their toe in the water or, for those existing Business Partners, willing to put more effort into their businesses. This is the essence of LEVERAGE as you are now generating income off of other people's efforts. That's how those that are wealthy operate!

If you are interested in learning more about this recession proof business, take a look at Network Marketing companies and make sure to do the right analysis before joining any company.

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