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Are you stuck in Network Marketing? If so, you know, very well, how miserable it can be to be in a business where you put your heart and soul into the business, and it just doesn't move!

We wonder why people have such a bad attitude towards Network Marketing. Main reason…because they were stuck in Network Marketing. They have or are with, one of those companies, that there is a missing piece for. It could be the compensation plan, products, timing of where the company is in it growth cycle, or various other pieces, that just do not compete in the market place. End result, many years of pushing a business to get minimal results.

Sure, many people can make a few thousand dollars per month, year over year, by GRINDING their butts off to make it work. But, this is what not the original intention of the Network Marketing model was meant to be. Your Network Marketing business should FLOW. You should be flowing with the current…not stuck in a big rock somewhere churning and burning through your stress levels!

As explained in the video by Ben Mueller, we don't have to be stuck in Network Marketing. We simply need to truly look at where we are in terms of the company that we are aligned with!

I know from 12 years of experience that; I could be doing everything right, can push as hard as I can, and if certain attributes are not present in the company, I will never get to the top threshold earner in the Profession.

Yes, NO company will ever be perfect, but in the Network Marketing Industry, you have to try and find a company that has as many characteristics as possible, that lead you to that promise land that the majority of us are running to; financial freedom! This means that we need to research as many companies as possible, in a logical (not emotional), fashion.

Attributes like; compensation plan, product efficacy, price points, marketing tools, management team, etc., are all key indicators whether you are becoming part of a company where you will flow like the ocean, or stuck, once again, in Network Marketing!

The most important attribute, among the ones mentioned above, is TIMING. Every single million dollar earner in Network Marketing started from the same place all of us do. They weren't born with some special Network Marketing gift. They weren't ordained to be a million dollar earner. But, what did ALL of them have in common? They had a specific place and time where they were, when the company was first starting out! They came into a company, exactly when, the river started flowing and positioned themselves such that, they would truly reap what they were going to put into it.

Point being, make sure that the table has all four legs. More importantly, make sure that the timing of the Network Marketing company is as perfect as possible!

You want to avoid being stuck in Network Marketing…then make the best choice in terms of your Network Marketing companies. It is the difference between stressing yourself out with minimal gains, or living the life that you intended upon when starting down this career path.

My job, is to help those struggling, and I hope this gives you some insight as to your current position in this wonderful Profession.

The Balance You Need

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About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.