This question comes up quite a bit when talking about the network marketing industry…what is the success rate in network marketing? It's not a bad question, but the better question should be focused on why the success rate is low.

Personally, I have seen it all in 15 years of doing this business and can honestly say that the vast majority of people that have joined my network marketing business, quit or failed. Either being the same thing!

There is a distinct difference between growing network marketing teams in 3rd world countries versus, specifically, the United States. What I found was this…

People in less developed countries are much hungrier than what us Americans are. That means that, in general, 3rd world network marketers tend to have a much higher rate of success than us country men and women! These network marketers are much more willing to learn, deal with problems, build relationships, and become true professionals!

So what is the better question? Why do people succeed in network marketing and/or why do they fail?

It is very simple…the success rate in network marketing is based on a person's attitude, patience, courage, and strength. Bottom line! Either it will carry them into success or they will simply give up. For those of us in the United States, most people are just not willing to put forth the effort. If they only knew what they could have!

In the following video, professional network marketer Ben Mueller explains the “life cycle of a network marketer” depicted in the picture below which is dead on!

Success Rate In Network Marketing

The next question you have to ask yourself is if you are willing to FIGHT for financial independence?

Are you willing to bust your ass, put up with negativity, fail, fall down, get back up, learn, personally develop, and give of yourself? If so, then MAYBE you have what it takes to create that life that drives you in your financial prowess!

The success rate of network marketing is not a number…it is based on YOU and only you.

The Balance You Need