Are you talking to your friends about Network Marketing? I know, I know, you are NOT going to talk to friends about your Network Marketing business. But, I am here, to challenge you because, as long as you BELIEVE in what you are doing, and the fact that Network Marketing can help people, you should be talking to your network about this wonderful business model, regardless of the level of connection with someone.

So, to kick off this party, I wanted to give you an example of a video that I did for my friends, specifically! Check it out as it may help you get the guts to go through with this strategy!

FOR YEARS, I would avoid talking to my friends (warm market), about Network Marketing. Years later, I understand why I skipped this…it all came down to the fact that I didn't believe in my company. I worked my tail off to make a good amount of money, but not the amount that one would expect in a great Network Marketing company. This meant that I couldn't fully express my belief to my closest friends.

The point I am making is that, if you are not talking to friends about Network Marketing, there is one reason, and one reason only, you don't fully believe in, where you are at.

Put it this way, let's say you came into a Network Marketing company and, after a few months of working the business, on a part time basis, you were making $2,500 per month. 6 months down the line, you were at $5,000 per month. 1 year in the business, You are at $20,000 per month. This is a fictitious scenario, but I want you to ask yourself one question; “Would I be, at that time, willing to talk to friends about Network Marketing?”.

Of course you would! Now, working off the assumption that you have those types of numbers as a goal, and that you are not doing Network Marketing as a “hobby”, you can choose to believe that this will, in fact, happen. Point being, your belief is highly tied to your action and, one would think, you would be willing to start exposing your Network Marketing opportunity and products, to your warm market.

This all comes back to one question, are you in the right Network Marketing company? If you are in the right company, the video above will ring completely true with you. If the video doesn't, then you should take a look at the video directly to the right. Belief is absolute key!

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