The new Fuxion Pro-Lev Compensation Plan is already creating quite the buzz in the Network Marketing Industry! Why? Because it is, literally, the first of its kind!

Pro-Lev stands for PRO LEVERAGE, which is what all great compensation plans should focus on. Leverage comes from products being used over and over by the same person because the value they get matches or exceeds the value they give for it!

If you spend some time on this website, you'll see that I have been part of the original leadership group in United States Fuxion. Feel free to learn about the history of Fuxion Biotech, and, as you will learn, it is one of those once in a lifetime situations.

As Fuxion came into the U.S. Market, we had to test a few things (product packaging, compensation plan, marketing methods, duplicable system, etc, etc.). Point being, there were MANY changes that needed to be made, to help Fuxion penetrate the market and be ready for 1st World competition. Fuxion had already been successful in Latin America for the past 10 years and was able to crank revenue into the top 5% of ALL Network Marketing companies. So we knew, with a few tweaks, that Fuxion would eventually blossom.

The beginning of this next phase of growth, will begin on 4/2/2018 with the release of the new Fuxion compensation plan, appropriately named; “Pro-Lev”!

Watch the video below as I START my explanation on how this new type of Network Marketing compensation plan, will truly revolutionalize this Industry!

“The Pro-Lev compensation plan, is the FIRST of its kind. We have over 60 years of data that tells us, specifically, what types of compensation plans, reward Network Marketers, the best, while still creating profit growth for the company. At Fuxion, we created this compensation plan, to do just that and truly drive the real reason Network Marketing exists…to deliver high quality products, to end users!”-Ben Mueller

The Fuxion Pro-Lev plan does something very important…it focuses on rewarding people for PRODUCT SALES!

There are two main things to consider with a customer driven compensation plan;

  1. Most people that come into Network Marketing, are new to the Profession. If there is too much emphasis on enrolling business partners, it can drive away the new person as they struggle to find success with the business. When a compensation plan like the Pro-Lev plan by Fuxion provides such a great payout on customers, the new Network Marketer can find residual income success. This builds their belief and creates a better environment for them to expose the business to others. They have had success and can instill belief in others!
  2. With the Regulatory Agencies like the FTC, developing legislation that will really clean up all these “Network Marketing” companies that claim to be product focused, a compensation plan NEEDS to drive customer acquisition behavior!

The Fuxion Pro-Lev plan is one of a kind. As the next few weeks go on, I will explain more aspects of the plan until the final release where I will give you all the goodies. I have seen the details and can truly tell you, there is nothing like it. Mark my word, when this plan is released you WILL see other companies copy it!

If you have been watching Fuxion, or just learning about the Company now, do NOT sit back and watch this happen. Get involved, whether it is through me or someone else! 

Fuxion Biotech is everything that a Professional Network Marketer should be looking for! Especially those new to the Network Marketing Profession. As we have been sculpting this Company for two years we have experienced, first hand, the critical thinking and ACTION that Fuxion has taken to create a wealth generating environment for all those involved. The Fuxion Pro-Lev Plan is the last major piece of this masterpiece!

Call us at 866-992-5551 if you would like to discuss or head over to our Fuxion website.

PS: Remember, if you are truly considering Fuxion, do it before 4/2/18 as explained in the video above!


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