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There are three important reasons people join an MLM opportunity; for the income, the product, and the community, all of which need to be just as important to the company!

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Everyone has a reason for doing something right? The reason has to create enough drive in a person to be able to accomplish what they set out to do. In the MLM world, we have the same concept; reasons drive actions.

Income-Product-CommunityLet's look again at the three important reasons people join an MLM opportunity;

1) The person is looking to generate income. In this reason, the main driver of behavior is to create cash flow. For this person, their motivation is fueled by how much money they can make!

2) They are joining the MLM opportunity because they love the product(s). Products are essential to their satisfaction level.

3) A person may join an MLM opportunity for the purpose of being part of a community of people with a cause. This also includes the recognition factor of being in an MLM company.

Most people have the combined motivation of all three of these reasons. A person usually is not focused on just one aspect, but like; the ability to make money, have a great product, and be part of community that recognizes their efforts!

If the most important reasons that people join an MLM business are these three, wouldn't it make sense that the company should then create the highest quality in these three areas? Of course!

Therefore, an MLM opportunity must have;

1) A compensation plan and the marketing tools necessary to help those people that want to generate more income, maximize their profits.

2) High quality products that satisfy the consumer.

3) A people orientated business that allows for a sense of community and a recognition platform that recognizes those that are doing what is necessary to grow their businesses.

Obviously, there may be other reasons why people do what they do, but these three are the top reasons why people join MLM. So, if you are looking for an MLM opportunity or are already associated with a company, the question becomes, how satisfied are you with all three aspects and what drives you to create the behaviors needed to be successful in your business?

The Balance You Need

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