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Top Ten Reasons to Join a Home Based Business

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So everybody and their mother wants to join a home based business, but what are the reasons they are so gung ho about it? The following article will hopefully show you why creating a second stream of income from a home based business is so attractive.

The most important decision you will make in starting your own business, is choosing the correct company.  One with integrity, financial stability, a great product, a compensation plan that pays you what you are worth, etc. etc.  This is the number one mistake that people make, not doing their due diligence in selecting the right company, which inevitably lands the person with negative feelings about the industry and give up their dream of becoming financially free.

The next section gives specific reasons why choosing Life Force International is the best home based business a person can choose in order to generate an income that can literally set them free.  I have personally experienced this for my family and have seen it happen for many more.  With Life Force International, the members are not in a 3rd World System where a few make plenty and everyone else make dittly, but rather an even distribution of income and an opportunity for people to take their incomes to a place they never thought possible.


1. Financial strength—debt free with Dun & Bradstreet’s highest credit rating. Life Force International is a stable, privately-owned business, free from shareholder pressure to generate short-term profits.

2. Life Force does its own manufacturing. This supports quality control and competitive pricing. Life Force is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. This places it in the top two percent for cleanliness, employee education and training, production process controls, as well as plant design and construction. After 25 years in business, there has never been a backorder.

3. Life Force enjoys a reputation for integrity, including long-standing membership in the Better Business Bureau with no significant consumer complaints in 25 years.

4. There is objective proof that the products work—including a large body of conclusive science pointing to the effectiveness of aloe vera and sea vegetables in supporting human health and well-being. Life Force products have a 25-year proven track record for attracting loyal customers. For the first 12 years, Life Force products were sold only directly through doctor’s offices. Over 6000 professional health care offices have endorsed Life Force products.

5. The typical customer to member ratio is 80% customers to 20% members—reflecting a stable and loyal customer base for reliable long-term income.

6. Body Balance is a great tasting, highly-assimilable, whole food liquid, based on sea vegetables and aloe vera. There are no absorption or pill fatigue issues. Consumers (including children) look forward to taking their product every day.

7. Members enjoy the highest net payout compensation plan at just under 60%. Compare this to network marketing industry averages of 38-42%.

8. The compressed compensation plan-(40% on the 2nd level) and 55% Fast Start bonuses provide very fast earning potential for new business builders.

9. New Members enjoy free membership, low start-up costs and very modest monthly minimums. This reduces risk and maximizes gains.

10. Team Crown—consisting of a senior team of experienced leaders with strong track records for building and holding residual income—provides a professional and duplicable business system and world-class training.

To learn more about Life Force International, go to our Life Force presentations page and contact us if you would like to join our team.

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Top ten reasons to join a home based business.

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