This is a very important question, especially for those that have made Network Marketing their livelihood! What is happening to Network Marketing is a culmination of what has been happening in this Profession for a long time. The movement from business emphasis, to product emphasis. You know, where it all started…

Randy Gage and Erick Gamio conducted a live Facebook webinar yesterday going through these major changes to Network Marketing and where companies are going to need to head in the future. Click the picture below to get to the original webinar, but below is a 10 minute recap made by yours truly:)

The following parts of Network Marketing are changing;

-No more front loading of products (selling large packages to those getting into the business).

-No more JUNK products on the market.

-No more autoship requirements.

-No more compensation plans that drive the “recruiting behavior”.

-No more SCAMMERS!

So what does this mean for all those in the Network Marketing Profession? Basically, change or die. Plain and simple.

In the video below, I explain what Network Marketers AND companies are going to need to do going forward. What is happening to Network Marketing is that we will RE-BECOME sellers of great products. Products that don't meet market standards, will no longer exist. And, what will happen over the course of the next few years is that we will see the market shrink in terms of the companies that still exist.

These new Network Marketing companies WILL have; high quality products, fair price points, pay plans that incentivize end user consumption (customers), and whose marketing approach will be all about the product!

Changes To Network Marketing

Again, take the time to watch Randy Gage and Erick Gamio's teachings on where the Network Marketing Profession is headed as they go into great detail regarding these changes.

I truly hope that you take this information as a very positive thing that is happening FOR Network Marketing. It actually should have happened a long time ago.

But, it is happening now and this is OUR time to create stable incomes with this business because it has become truly residual income. Bathtub drain has been plugged!

The Balance You Need