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I thought I would do a little video on why I love Network Marketing. As the years go on, more and more of the world's population, is getting involved in Network Marketing as a 2nd or 1st source of income. People are realizing that this business model is a legitimate way to; just bring in a few hundred extra dollars per month, all the way through to wealth building. But why is it such an up and coming activity, that so many are plugging in to?

In the following video, Professional Network Marketer, Ben Mueller, explains why there is such a huge movement into the Industry and why he has fallen in love with Network Marketing…

  • The ability to affect thousands of people's lives
  • Time freedom
  • Capability to create generational wealth
  • A ton of fun (when you are aligned with the right company)

As I stated in the video, I can never go back to the Corporate Accounting world, nor any other type of career! Once you get a taste of what Network Marketing can bring to your life, there is nothing else out there that matches it!

First, and foremost, I love Network Marketing because I have the opportunity to spawn generational income! Not only “right now” income, but income that can last for generations. Because Network Marketing businesses are an asset, these businesses can be passed down to our children, their children, and beyond. Personally, I don't believe we were put on this earth, to work 60+ hours per week, just to “get by”. I believe that we were put on this earth to be in relationship with others and to bring a bright light to those around us. With the way that we, in America, work, there is hardly any time left in the day to be able to do this effectively. The majority of Americans, have very little time with other people, to truly build bonds with others. I love Network Marketing because this business can give you that freedom to do what we were put on this earth to do!

Secondly, Network Marketing empowers¬†people to help others. It is said, in this Industry, that; “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want”. This is such a powerful statement in the Network Marketing Profession because it is the absolute truth. No other business out there, is set up in such a way, that mandates a person to dig in and help others, like Network Marketing. I get personal satisfaction, in a big way, watching other people succeed.

Finally, Network Marketing provides a platform that enables a person to get into an already existing business, for very little capital outlay. Network Marketing gives the average person, the road map to financial freedom. Most businesses require some sort of special training and/or a ton of capital (money), to get started. Just another reason why I love Network Marketing…it's about helping everyone, not just the “elite”!

The key, in order to achieve this love relationship with the business model, is finding the right company to work with. Once you have found that, you'll fall head over heels with the business, as I did, so long ago…

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About the Author:

Professional Network Marketer and accounting, marketing, MLM, and business strategist consultant. Ben is a father of 4 and married to Jessica Mueller. The family resides in Westminster, CO.